4 Mar - 6 Mar 2015
ITUH, Bd du Roi Albert II, 5; 1210 Brussels

Sharing knowledge and experiences to improve the working conditions of women and strengthen equality is the main objective of the international conference ‘Women's health and work' that the ETUI organises on March 4-6, 2015 at the ITUH in Brussels. The conference will touch on 6 areas organised in workshops of broad interest: health inequalities and division of labour; women workers exposed to chemicals, work organisation and the interaction with private life, the hardships of work, the design and use of protective clothing, personal protective equipment, tools and machinery for women’s work, and ageing and the long term effects of work. The latter workshop is organised by EU-OSHA.


20 Mar 2015
Thon Hotel EU (room Belgium), Rue de la Loi 75, 1040 Brussels; 13h30 – 16h

The European Trade Union Institute, in collaboration with the European Trade Union Confederation and the European Trade Union Federations, is pleased to invite you to a high-level conference on alternatives to the current management of the Euro crisis.Although the Juncker Commission has included in its programme some new accents, such as Europe’s strategic investment plan, the Eurogroup’s negotiations with the new Greek government have made it clear that EU leaders remain reluctant to let go of their failing austerity narrative. Contrary to their claims that there is no alternative, severa...


Alfredo Menéndez-Navarro 02/2015

This book stemming from the exhibition ‘The art of preventive health and safety in Europe’ presents historical and vintage posters from various European countries showing how graphic design has been used to promote health and safety prevention in more than 20 different cultural environments.


Edited by Steffen Lehndorff 01/2015

This book is a follow-up to the 2012 volume 'The triumph of failed ideas'. The focus of the book is the weight attributed to the different economic and social development paths in ten individual EU countries, and their interaction with the austerity regime established at EU level which in fact is deepening the crisis rather than paving ways out of it.


Martin Myant 02/2015

This policy brief analyses the recently launched EU plan for strategic investments pointing to several shortcomings that will significantly limit its positive effects.


Kjell Hansson Mild, PhD and Monica Sandström, PhD (Umeå University) 02/2015

electromagnetic fields cover

This guide is aimed at employers, trade union representatives and, of course, workers potentially exposed to electromagnetic fields. It is also designed as an aid to understanding the new EU Directive on occupational exposure to EMFs (2013/35 EU), which will enter into force in 2016.


Agnieszka Piasna 09/2014

Unemployment Working Paper

This Working Paper investigates links between employment changes and both sectoral developments and changes in earnings levels in six EU member states


Trade unions and corporate social responsibility: pragmatism wins out against mistrust

26 February 2015

"Despite a very broad picture of scepticism, most unions are embedded in discussions in relation with CSR", declared Chris Rees, a researcher at the Royal Holloway University of London who has recently, with two colleagues from the same university, written a book on trade union attitudes and approaches to the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR). The principal results of this research, conducted between 2011 and 2013 in eleven EU countries, were presented on 24 February last at an ETUI Monthly Forum.


Endocrine disrupters: EU Council backs legal action against Commission

24 February 2015

On 29 January 2015 the EU Council of Ministers decided to back Sweden in taking the European Commission to the European Court of Justice. The European Parliament could throw its weight in - 11 MEPs keenly interested in environmental and health issues have sent Health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis a strongly worded letter urging him to adopt science-based criteria for regulating endocrine disruptors.


Gender inequalities: bring working conditions into the debate

18 February 2015

Equality at work for men and women is among the longest-standing aims of European social policy. A long series of EU initiatives in the forty years following the first Directive on it have left full gender equality in the workplace still largely unachieved.


EU intervention in national welfare state reforms

12 February 2015

On 3 February 2015, the ETUI held a symposium to examine several instances of EU intervention in social protection reforms in member states severely affected by the sovereign debt crisis.


Making occupational illness visible: a call for a coalition between scientists and workers

10 February 2015

Some forty trade unionists and researchers coming principally from Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Spain and Italy took part in a seminar organised jointly by the ETUI and the Belgian association Santé & Solidarité. The purpose of the event was to present projects involving participation by both researchers and workers in the service of a common goal, namely, to make the impact of work on health visible. Of some 30 initiatives submitted to the organisers following a call for proposals, seven were selected and presented on 30 January in Brussels.


Health and safety in the workplace in 2040

6 February 2015

From 27 to 29 January, the ETUI held a gathering in Berlin of some thirty persons coming from trade union, academic and employer circles to look ahead – using the method known as ‘scenario-building’ – to how health and safety issues might be dealt with in European workplaces in 2040.


Developments of collective bargaining 2015

3 February 2015

The Collective Bargaining newsletter presents the most important developments at European and Member States levels on a monthly basis.
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