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Foresight unit

In 2016, the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) set up its Foresight unit to study long-term challenges for the European Trade Union movement and its implications for the work of the Institute.

Why ?

  • The European Union is changing. It is no longer that of the last century. Its dynamic, its direction, perhaps its strategic course are changing. But where does it go?
  • The world is changing too. It is agitated by a multitude of new political, economic, social, environmental challenges. But where does it go?
  • These questions are increasingly acute for the world of work. Will we meet the challenge of global warming, and if so at what transitions cost? What will be the impact on the labour markets, and on the workers themselves?
  • A new industrial revolution is said to be ongoing: digitalisation of the economy, automation, computerisation, platform economy. How do the European Union and the world intend to accompany this "revolution"? What is the future of work and of employment in the ongoing digital world?

What ?

  • In order to build a foresight reflexion on these future challenges, the ETUI has set up a Foresight Unit. Its mission is to provide food for thought for the European trade union movement on the future of labour markets against the backdrop of the climate transition and the digital revolution.
  • The Foresight unit pursues objectives of analysis and research, dissemination, training and awareness, and this through publications, debates, networking, and training and advocacy.

Who ?

  • The ETUI’s Foresight unit is embodied in a small team under the authority of general director Philippe Pochet, with Christophe Degryse, senior researcher in charge of the unit, Aida Ponce Del Castillo, responsible for strategic foresight and networks, and Gérard Valenduc as associated researcher.

Foresight Brief

  • ETUI’s Foresight Briefs are articles for a wide audience in the European trade union movement, social actors, non-governmental organizations, think tanks and European policymakers. The relevant topics for this publication are linked to the current priorities of the work program of the Foresight Unit: the climate transition and digitization of the economy.


Christophe Degryse Senior Researcher - Head of the Foresight Unit


Aïda Ponce Del Castillo Senior Researcher - Foresight unit


Gérard Valenduc Associate researcher


    Europe's sustainability challenges - interview Karl Falkenberg

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