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Isabelle Schömann

Europeanisation of Industrial Relations
Senior Researcher
+32 (0)2 224 07 24

Isabelle Schömann is labour lawyer and senior researcher at the ETUI since 2002. Her fields of research cover European labour law and European social dialogue, comparative labour law, fundamental social rights and corporate governance. She is coordinator of the NETLEX, the ETUC network of trade union labour lawyers as well as of the TTUR, Transnational Trade Union Rights Expert Network.

Latest publication: The Economic and Financial Crisis and Collective Labour Law in Europe by Niklas Bruun, Klaus Lörcher, Isabelle Schömann (eds.), Hart Publishing House, 2014.

Further Training in:

• EU accession to the ECHR after the CJEU opinion of 18.12.2014 (2015)
• Litigation before the CJEU and the ECtHR (2014)
• Fundamental social rights protection in the EU law under the Lisbon Treaty (2010)
• Intensive legal English course (2009)
• Constitutional law of the European Union (2008),
• Summer Course on EU Constitutional and Institutional law (2005)
• EC Competition Law (2003)

Graduate (DEA) of the University Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne in 1994 (France) in labour and social law and European labour law (Prof. P. Rodière). Lecturer at the University of Cergy Pointoise (Prof. F. Gaudu). Former research fellow in the Unit of Prof. Günther Schmid, ‘Labour market policy and employment’, at the Social Science Research Center in Berlin 1994-2002 (WZB - Germany). Her fields of research were: Legal and political guaranty of the right to work in Europe, non-standard employment relationships in the EU and early recognition of skill needs and worker participation in Europe.

Areas of activity

European and comparative labour law

  • Analysis of the impact of the economic crisis on national individual and collective labour rights in Europe
  • Analysis of the EU initiatives on better law making, better regulation and REFIT
  • Fundamental social rights in European law
  • Information and consultation rights in Europe
  • Analysis of the implementation at national level of European labour law directives.
  • Comparative analysis of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in Europe.

Transnational trade union rights

  • Coordinator of the Transnational Trade Union Rights Expert Network
  • Collective action v. economic freedoms,
  • Manifesto for a social Constitution Europe,
  • European labour law and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights,
  • Analysis of the EU primary law to secure the respect and promotion of social rights in Europe: the Lisbon Treaty and the Charter of fundamental rights
  • Analysis of the Europe Convention on Human Rights and the employment relation, the European Social Charter of the council of Europe and the employment relation

European Social Dialogue:

  • Legal advisor to the ETUC in EU social dialogue negotiations on work related stress and violence at the workplace

Corporate social responsibility and Transnational collective bargaining:

  • Research on the role of labour law in modern and globalised industrial relations systems Analysis of the evolution of negotiated labour norms and the guaranty of labour standards: from CSR to international framework agreements and transnational company law
  • Research on the complementarity of hard and soft law.
  • Analysis on the instrumentalisation of soft law in CSR initiatives

French, English, German

Main publications or courses


  • Schömann I. (forthcoming) National reforms of collective labour law in time of crisis: a new landscape in Europe in Brodie and Zahn (eds) The Future of Regulation of Work: New Concepts, New Paradigms. Palgrave Macmillan Publisher Ltd, UK.
  • Schömann I. (forthcoming) Regulatory Fitness and Performance Programme: Is EU REFIT machinery turning red tape at the cost of the general interest? ETUI Policy Brief, 2015.
  • Schömann I. and Clauwaert, S. (forthcoming) Information and consultation rights: workers’ rights under high scrutiny in Benchmarking Working Europe 2015, Brussels: ETUC-ETUI.
  • Clauwaert, S. and Schömann I. (forthcoming) Protecting trade union rights via litigation. An ongoing battle Benchmarking Working Europe 2015, Brussels: ETUC-ETUI.
  • Schömann I. (2015) Le droit du licenciement en proie aux réformes en Europe. 1ere partie. Revue du Droit du Travail (France), no. 1, Jan. 2015: 64-75.




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