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Jan Drahokoupil

Jan Drahokoupil is senior researcher on multinational corporations at the ETUI. He also directs a research project on welfare-state transformations in the context of post-2008 austerity politics in Eastern Europe at the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES), University of Mannheim. His broader expertise lies in political economy and development, particularly in the context of transition countries. He obtained his PhD in 2007 at the Central European University, Budapest. Jan is Associate Editor at Competition and Change: The Journal of Global Business and Political Economy.
Areas of activity

Multinational corporations, global production networks, industrial and employment relations, worker participation, SEEUROPE - Workers participation at board level in the SE

English, German, Czech, passive Slovak and Polish
Main publications or courses

Drahokoupil J and Domonkos S (2014) Is the egg basket worth its price? The fiscal implications of pension privatization in Eastern Europe. In: Clemens B, Eich F, and Gupta S (eds), Equitable and sustainable pensions: Challenges and experience, Washington DC: International Monetary Fund, pp. 155–178. Also available at SSRN.

‘Transition economies after the crisis of 2008: Actors and policies’ (2013, co–edited with Martin Myant), special issue of Europe–Asia Studies, 65, 373-570.

‘Averting the funding–gap crisis: East European pension reforms after 2008’ (2012, with Stefan Domonkos), Global Social Policy, 12(3), 283-299. Also available at SSRN.

‘International integration, varieties of capitalism, and resilience to crisis in transition economies’ (2012, with Martin Myant), Europe–Asia Studies, 64(1), 1–33 (ISSN 0966–8136)

Transition economies: Political economy in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia (2011, co–authored with Martin Myant), Hoboken, NJ: Wiley–Blackwell, ISBN 978–0–470–59619–7 (416 p.) [Reviews available at]

Globalization and the state in Central and Eastern Europe: The politics of foreign direct investment (2008), London: Routledge, ISBN 978–0–415–59027–3 (paperback) 978–0–415–46603–5 (hardback) 978–0–203–89208–4 (electronic) (255 p.). [Reviews available at]

Contradictions and limits of neoliberal European governance: From Lisbon to Lisbon (2008, co–edited with Bastiaan van Apeldoorn & Laura Horn), Basingstoke: Palgrave, ISBN 978–0230537095 (322 p.).


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