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Europe’s investment plan: a game of numbers

investment plan Juncker

The EU Commission is set to present next week more details of a 300 billion euro investment plan to stimulate Europe’s struggling economies. But how much will be new money and how effective will this stimulus be?

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EU Court backs limits on benefits for migrants

Court of Justice migration

European Union Member States can refuse under certain conditions to give unemployment benefits to migrants from other EU nations, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled on 11 November.

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UK: rise in work-related illnesses

Statistics recently released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show that the number of people made ill through work is again rising in the United Kingdom, reversing a long-term downward trend.

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New EU public procurement rules open door for better social and environmental protection

public procurement

In the context of modernising its rules on public procurement, the EU adopted in February 2014 a comprehensive revision of its original 2004 directives. A new ETUI working paper argues that the revised rules in the new directive have introduced a stronger social and environmental dimension into the procedures for awarding public contracts.

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Unions fend off draft occupational health standard

A draft international standard on health and safety at work failed to secure the necessary two-thirds majority vote in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) committee developing it on 18 October. It will now have to be reviewed and voted on again. This is a battle won by the unions against provisions that would leave workers worse off.

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SEEurope goes to Croatia


The SEEurope Network, which focusses on workers’ participation issues, met in Zagreb, Croatia on 27-28 October 2014. The meeting was joined by 10 Croatian guests, including representatives of the two largest trade union confederations and academic experts. In the wake of the Croatian accession to the EU, this meeting enabled an intensive exchange about current and future issues in Croatian and European industrial relations.

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Collective Bargaining October 2014

Find below the highlights of the October issue of the Collective Bargaining newsletter with the most important developments at European and member state level over the past month:

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New report on how workplaces are managing stress

A quarter of workers in Europe report feeling stressed at work all or most of the time, while a similar proportion state that work affects their health negatively, according to a report made public on 16 October by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) and the European Foundation for the Improvement of Working and Living Conditions (Eurofound).

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New European Parliament: heading for a "grand coalition" or a left-right divide?

The new European Commission ushered in on 1 November was brought into office with the support of a "grand coalition" of Socialist and centre-right MEPs in the European Parliament (EP). But having joined forces to back and rubber-stamp Jean-Claude Junker and his team, will that "grand coalition" hold together or split into a classic left-right divide? This was the question asked by the ETUI at its monthly forum held on 29 October.

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Unions and psychosocial risks: findings of a project in four southern European countries

The findings of a project on psychosocial risks done in 12 firms in four Mediterranean countries (France, Italy, Spain and Turkey) were unveiled to a forty-strong audience in Brussels on 14 and 15 October. The scheme was coordinated by the Spanish trade union institute Istas partnered by the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) and the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA). Entitled E-Impro, the initiative aimed at identifying specific barriers and drivers in participative psychosocial risk (PSR) prevention processes at company level to achieve a healthier work organization.

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