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Social dumping in Europe: decoding the discourse and elucidating the practices

As the crisis has become increasingly entrenched, the denunciation of social dumping has developed into a core feature of political discourse. The term is frequently heard in electoral campaigning, used particularly by populist parties of both left and right who employ it as a means of denouncing the abolition of frontiers and resulting free movement of workers within the European Union. But what are the facts and practices to which this rather vague concept purports to refer? Magdalena Bernaciak, a researcher at the ETUI, has edited a book that sets out to define the term and to delineate as objectively as possible the underlying realities.

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Summer reading: TTIP: EU citizens’ concerns are well-founded

In recent months, the negotiations between the European Commission and the United States aimed at reaching an agreement on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) have led to a massive citizen mobilisation across Europe. Two recent ETUI publications indicate that EU citizens’ concerns in this respect are well-founded.

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Summer reading: Intra-EU labour mobility, discrimination and racism at work

migrant workers

The debate on the free movement of labour within the EU has moved into the foreground as result of the economic crisis. Although the European Commission has repeatedly promoted intra-EU labour mobility as a major contributory phenomenon to the better functioning of European labour markets, concerns about its proliferation are mounting in a number of member states and populist parties are trying to capitalise on these fears. The ETUI has been following these debates and has contributed to them with its own research over the past few years.

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Summer reading: The Commission’s ‘Better regulation’ programme and its damaging consequences on workers’ rights

The European Commission believes that business growth, especially among SMEs, is being held back by overly complicated or outdated EU directives and regulations. This has been its battle cry for some years, disseminated and put into practice through the ‘Better regulation’ and ‘REFIT’ programmes to overhaul Community legislation.

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Does Germany profit from the Greek crisis?

euro greece germany

Even should Greece default on its debt, Germany would still end up benefitting from the financial crisis, according to a study by the Leibniz-Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung Halle (IWH) published two days ago.

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Ten years EU enlargement: what impact on the forces of labour in Central and Eastern Europe?

The latest issue of Transfer, the Research Quarterly of the ETUI’s Research Department, aims at shedding some light on what ten years of enlargement have meant for labour in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Adoption of law to reform industrial relations in France


The landmark adoption of new industrial relations legislation by the French parliament on 23 July 2015 is likely to significantly alter the industrial relations landscape and, in particular, worker representation practices in France.

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Trade Unions and Inequality: Taking Stock of Two Decades of Analyses and Reflections


To mark the Twentieth Anniversary of Transfer – the European Review of Labour and Research, a seminar took place on 3 July in the framework of the SASE 2015 conference at the LSE in London.

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ETUI cooperates with Brazilian trade unions in reflecting upon occupational health

The journal Ciencias do Trabalho published by the DIEESE, the joint research institute of the Brazilian trade union movement, brings together in a recent issue a selection of articles on trade union action in the field of occupational health and safety. ETUI researcher Laurent Vogel contributed to this initiative.

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Asbestos a threat to the whole community: alert issued by EU institutions

On 24 June 2015 the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and the Committee of the Regions (CoR) called upon the European Commission and EU Member States to establish registers of buildings containing asbestos and to devise action plans for safe asbestos removal.

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