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Trade unions crucial for the implementation of EU Social Fund programmes for vocational training

Despite the considerable effort made in recent years to increase access to lifelong learning, high levels of inequality persist, said Josua Gräbener, a political science researcher at the Université Grenoble-Alpes, at the ETUI’s Monthly Forum of 27 September 2016.

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The Commission delivers its evaluation of the implementation of the European social partners’ agreement on harassment and violence

On 21 September 2016, the European Commission published a report aimed at assessing the framework agreement on harassment and violence at work adopted in 2007 by the European social partners. The document reports wide disparities between countries with regard to the implementation of the agreement and its real impact at company level.

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Le travail dans l’économie digitale: quels défis et opportunités?

digitalisation of the economy

Le Parlement européen vient de publier une étude consacrée à la situation des travailleurs dans l’"économie collaborative". Un sujet au centre de l’attention d’un nombre toujours croissant de chercheurs, tant la "face sombre" de la digitalisation de l’économie peut paraître inquiétante d’un point de vue social.

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New website on carcinogens at work

From 10 October, people interested in the issue of workers' exposure to carcinogens can find useful information and resources on This website was developed as part of the European "Roadmap on Carcinogens" campaign, a joint initiative by the EU Council presidencies of 2016 (Netherlands) and 2018 (Austria), the European Commission, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work and the European social partners (the European Trade Union Confederation and BusinessEurope).

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How electronics firms in Europe get away with employment practices from China

Chinese workers electronics firms

A recent publication of the European Trade Union Institute finds that electronics firms in Europe often get away with employment practices resembling those in mainland China. This evolution has an impact on working rights and conditions of European workers employed in the electronics sector, especially in Eastern Europe.

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Collective Bargaining developments September 2016

Here are the most important developments at European and member state level from the September issue of the Collective Bargaining newsletter:

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ETUI course on precarious work and trade union renewal

Together with the Italian trade union UIL and the Belgian FGTB/ABVV, the ETUI organised a course on ‘Precarious Work and Trade Union Renewal’ that took place in Rome from 20th to 22nd September.

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European trade unions' experts evaluate and plan the next steps on health and safety at work

From 8 to 9 September, in Vienna the ETUI organised its annual Strategic Seminar ‘Together for Health and Safety’. This thirteenth meeting gathered the members of the Workers’ Interest Group (WIG) of the Advisory Committee for Safety and Health at Work (ACSH).

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Doubling of the resources allocated to the ‘Juncker plan’: no panacea

In his ‘state of the Union’ speech to the European Parliament on 14 September Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker announced that the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) would be doubled by 2022. According to one ETUI researcher, this is a positive development but not enough.

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Almost three-quarters of Belgians are in favour of trade unions

72 per cent of Belgians have a positive view of trade unions. That is the main finding of a university survey of around 1,900 voters conducted between October 2014 and June 2015.

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