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A quarter of European workers believe that their health is at risk because of their work

In Europe almost one worker in four (23 per cent) believes that their work represents a risk to their health, according to the first results of the European inquiry into working conditions, presented in Luxembourg on 24 November.

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New jobs in Europe: quality gone AWOL

The ‘knowledge society’ is failing to get rid of ‘hard work’, Ursula Holtgrewe declares in a recent volume dedicated to growth sectors in Europe. At a public presentation of the book on 17 November at ETUI the sociologist, from Johannes Kepler University, Linz (Austria), showed that the EU was struggling to get ‘quality’ and ‘quantity’ into line.

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ETUI calls for concrete measures to tackle psychosocial risks

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) held the Healthy Workplaces 2015 Summit in Bilbao on 3-4 November. ETUI researchers Viktor Kempa and Aida Ponce Del Castillo took part in the debates focused on strategies for managing psychosocial risks in the workplace.

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Standards – instrument of global commerce in search of legitimacy

International technical standards, whether ISO or otherwise, are to be found everywhere in everyday life, often without our noticing it. They affect more than 80 per cent of commercial transactions and thus play a major role in the global economy. Besides the commercial dimension these standards also have a direct impact on health, safety and the environment, as illustrated by machine safety standards.

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France: the government gives itself two years to “revamp” the Labour Code

On 4 November the French Government outlined its reform of the Labour Code. While retaining key principles such as the 35-hour week, the plan is to simplify the text “to create a more favourable environment for hiring”.

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Trade union inspectors to check compliance with labour law in Geneva

On 13 November the Parliament of the canton of Geneva passed a law creating a Joint Labour Inspectorate (Inspection paritaire de l’emploi – IPE). This law allows trade union representatives to visit businesses in order to check their compliance with labour legislation.

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New issue of Transfer on key challenges for the trade union movement

The November issue of Transfer, the Research Quarterly of the ETUI’s Research Department, contains four articles that all deal with challenges and dilemmas that are at the core of the academic debate on trade unions as well as at the heart of the debate within the trade union movement.

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Collective Bargaining developments October 2015

collective bargaining newsletter

Find here the following most important developments at European and member state level from the October issue of the Collective Bargaining newsletter:

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Towards a desirable and feasible European unemployment benefit scheme

unemployment benefits monthly forum

During the last ETUI Monthly Forum, Ilaria Maselli, Research Fellow at CEPS, and Frank Vandenbroucke, of the Catholic University of Leuven, discussed the added value of a European unemployment benefit scheme. They presented a preliminary assessment of a research project funded by the European Commission which studies the feasibility and desirability of establishing a European unemployment benefit scheme (EUBS).

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Europe’s energy transformation falling behind in spite of reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

Green energy and emission cut

The European Environmental Agency (EEA) released the "Trends and projections in Europe 2015". The report states that greenhouse gas emissions in Europe decreased by 23% between 1990 and 2014 and reached the lowest levels on record and that the EU is moving towards emissions reduction target of at least 40% in 2030.

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