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REFIT: Commission red tape-cutting expert group at odds


A group of experts advising the European Commission on its programme to reduce administrative burdens on business published its final report on 14 October. It makes twelve recommendations, including exempting SMEs and micro-enterprises from obligations under EU law. The report is anything but unanimous, though - four members of the fifteen-strong group have released a "dissenting opinion"

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From EU 2020 to SEE 2020 or why adaptation is necessary in a different societal context

The new issue (1/2014) of SEER Journal for Labour and Social Affairs in Eastern Europe focuses on integration and sovereignty in eastern Europe. The bulk of articles in this issue comes very timely, at a point when Europe is being dominated by an increasing uncertainty and insecurity, a period in which some see the opening of a new geopolitics.

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Nearly half the world’s elderly get no pension (ILO report)

Close to half (48 per cent) of people over pensionable age in the world do not receive a pension, according to an ILO report released in late September. And those who do get one do not get enough to adequately cover their health and old age-related problems.

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"Better regulation is not deregulation", says probable future Commission First Vice-President

“Better regulation is not deregulation; it is not ideologically driven. It is about reducing unnecessary ‘red tape’, especially for SMEs; it is about making it easier for people to start a business, to hire more staff, to create more jobs”, said Frans Timmermans at his European Parliament hearing on 7 October.

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Collective Bargaining September 2014

Highlights of the September issue of the Collective Bargaining newsletter with the following most important developments at European and member state level over the past month:

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Wages and collective bargaining during the European economic crisis – developments in the European manufacturing industry

wages, collective bargaining, industriall

In a recent study produced for industriAll – European Trade Union, Thorsten Schulten (WSI) and Torsten Müller (ETUI) analyse collective bargaining developments in the European manufacturing industry.

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TTIP: economic benefits exaggerated – alternative vision needed

trade commissioner Malmström

A new ETUI policy brief shows that the economic benefits of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) have been seriously exaggerated. The brief supports the idea of an alternative globalisation agenda which would enshrine higher labour and environmental standards in global trade negotiations.

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Crossroads conference: “Precarity is not a vision for the future”

Ségol - Beyrer

The last day of the ETUI-ETUC conference on 'Europe at a Crossroads' terminated in a lively debate between ETUC General Secretary Bernadette Ségol and BusinessEurope Director General Markus Beyrer, moderated by Jacki Davis.

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Europe at a crossroads: “Quality of today is growth of tomorrow”

Good jobs and a fairer, more equal society were the recurrent themes of the second day of the ETUI-ETUC conference: Europe at a Crossroads.

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Europe at a crossroads: time to choose another direction

Europe is at a crossroads, and if decision-makers fail to take the right policy direction, focusing on people, jobs and growth and avoiding the errors of the past five years, the European Union itself will be at risk.

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