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Foresight briefs

A law on robotics and artificial intelligence in the EU?

Aïda Ponce Del Castillo (ETUI)


This paper discusses the European Parliament’s Resolution of 16 February 2017 with recommendations to the Commission on Civil Law Rules on Robotics (European Parliament 2017). It provides a brief summary of the content of the Resolution and looks at its basic principles and raison d’être.

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Shaping the world of work in the digital economy

Christophe Degryse (ETUI)

Cover Foresight brief 1 work in the digital economy

For better or worse, the digitalisation of the economy has become an unavoidable theme in political and social debates. This new industrial revolution is predicted to disrupt the processes of production, the world of work and society at large. How can we prepare for this and how can we anticipate its effects? This Foresight Brief aims to draw out vital points concerning the strategic challenges that we believe the world of work faces in this new ‘digital revolution’.

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