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Crisis, austerity, alternatives

The unprecedented economic, social and budgetary crisis unleashed by the financial sector in 2008 has a deep and inevitably long-term impact on national industrial relations systems, leading, in some countries, to regression in terms of wage levels, working conditions and job security.

The ETUI is monitoring these developments in real time so as to make available tools that will allow the consequences of the crisis to be better grasped.
Detailed and specific publications on economic and employment policy offer analyses that are brief, critical and geared to proposals for action, alongside other publications of a more academic type. The ETUI researchers publish, together or in networks, reports on industrial relations developments. Training sessions and public debates bringing together trade unionists, academics, policymakers and non-governmental organisations, enable identification of the dysfunctional aspects of our present growth model and the reforms to be implemented for a genuinely fair and equitable alternative model.

This webpage gathers the most recent initiatives taken by the ETUI and its networks in order to foster debates on the causes, consequences and possible solutions to the crisis.

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