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Job quality index (JQI)

The ETUI started work on this issue in January 2008 as a response to insufficient indicators on job quality at the European level.

Based on a range of data sources, it produced a quantitative indicator that captures job quality in Europe. The job quality index (JQI) is based on a series of sub-indices (wages, non-standard employment, working conditions, working time and work-life balance, training and interest representation) that attempt to capture different aspects of job quality. Comparisons in terms of job quality between EU27 countries are possible. Moreover, the JQI allows comparisons over time for EU15 countries.

The index was updated in 2012 [ Job quality in the crisis - an update of the Job Quality Index (JQI) ] showing how the crisis has been putting a lot of pressure on the quality of jobs in Europe.


Agnieszka Piasna Senior Researcher


Andrew Watt

Andrew Watt Senior Researcher


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