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Trade union and leadership renewal


Organising / recruitment are a key priority for trade unions. Workers need voice and power to influence decisions at all levels, whether at the workplace, in a sector, in the economy or in society.

The focus of the activity will be on trade unions in Central and Eastern Europe and in particular in the health / social services sector. We will bring together local union leaders in a multi-country context to exchange experience, building on each others’ practices.

The course will be part of the EPSU training focus and a continuation of similar work undertaken in previous years. It provides continuity and a learning context. 


Pathway: E3

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  • To identify which organising approach  is most effective and when (depending on resources, state of a union’s development);
  • To improve knowledge on organising / recruitment methods and practices;
  • To exchange positive examples of strategies’ development and organising methods at local level;
  • To practice the advantage of working together in a European trade union dimension;
  • To develop the gender dimension through organising;
  • To recognise the positive impact of local and national trade union recruitment, membership and organising capacities in influencing decisions affecting members.




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Nathalie De Vits