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Working conditions and quality of employment


In Europe, crowdworking (CW) and online platforms, e.g. in transport and services, is a relatively new phenomenon. If unions don’t start now to organise crowdworkers and negotiate their working conditions, more jobs will be outsourced to crowd platforms and more workers will work in this fully unregulated area.

In this workshop, we will exchange on:

  • How do crowd platforms work?
  • What do crowdworkers want?
  • Which union initiatives exist? How can they negotiate for crowdworkers?
  • How to coordinate union action on CW in Europe?


Pathway: F4

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  • To understand the different forms of crowd platforms, the differences among sectors, their ownership structures and how CW is performed
  • To identify the needs of crowd workers
  • To discuss various trade unions and NGO efforts to support CWs
  • To conceive criteria for decent work on/via online platforms
  • To be able to draft ideas for action coordination at European level
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