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Hannah Johnston, Alina Caia, Michael ‘Six’ Silberman, ...

Working on digital labour platforms

The present material serves to raise awareness on the reality of platform work among national trade union organizations. The ETUI initiative responds to the identified training needs for a common approach to development of this topic at EU level, based on proposals expressed by the ETUC’s member... Find out more

Calvin Allen, Ivaylo Dinev, Fatima Fazlic, ...

25 years on: the legacy of the Dayton peace agreement

This second issue of the SEER Journal for labour and social affairs in Eastern Europe for 2020... Find out more

Benchmarking Working Europe 2020

→ A virus is haunting Europe. And it could strike again. This year’s 20th... Find out more

Karen M. Anderson, Denis Bouget, Eleanor Brooks, ...

Social policy in the European Union: state of play 2020

All chapters of Social policy in the EU: state of play 2020 consider the consequences of the unfolding public health crisis. Covid‑19’s... Find out more

Rolle Alho, Daniel Barrientos, Yasmine Bouagga, ...

Betwixt and between: Integrating refugees into the EU labour market

This publication focuses on practices in the labour market integration of asylum seekers and refugees in the main EU reception states in the... Find out more

Jean-Yves Boulin

Transfer volume 26 number 4 - Open Issue

Co-editors: Philippe Pochet General, Vera Šćepanović, Maarten Keune Editorial Jean-Yves Boulin This new number of the ‘open’ issue of... Find out more

Our failure to prevent known risks

Hazards from SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, should be addressed in line with the EU Biological Agents Directive and by means of... Find out more

Occupational health in the courts

With 180 000 work-related deaths every year in the European Union and more than 2.5 million worldwide, occupational health is a crucial... Find out more