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Kalina Arabadjieva, Nicola Countouris, Bianca Luna Fabris, ...

Transformative ideas - ensuring a just share of progress for all

This edited volume explores the need for a transformative approach to envisioning a just social and economic model. A cross-disciplinary team of academic experts was formed to develop this approach, with the aim of proposing concrete policy ideas that are both transformative and original. While these ideas should not be contingent on a... Find out more

Jane Pillinger

The Pay Transparency Directive

Key points • Collective bargaining has a critical role to play in closing and tackling the structural causes of the gender pay gap. • The Pay Transparency Directive contains new possibilities for trade unions and employers to use hypothetical comparisons in addressing the undervaluing of jobs predominantly carried out by women where there are no... Find out more

The quiet transnationalisation of board-level employee representation in national law and practice

Board-level employee representation rights are far from harmonised at the level of the European Union. Yet, beyond some limited cases of Europeanisation taking root in EU secondary law (i.e. the European Company Directive (Societas Europaea) and other corporate law instruments taking this framework as a reference), experiences of... Find out more

Nicola Countouris, Agnieszka Piasna, Sotiria Theodoropoulou, ...

Benchmarking Working Europe 2023

The central questions and main contextual background explored by this year’s issue of Benchmarking are, at their core, fairly straightforward. Europe is at a crossroads, painfully navigating four transitions at once: a (perhaps less than obvious) economic policy transition best exemplified by the debates surrounding the EU economic governance... Find out more

Insa Backhaus, Krisztina Gero, Nico Dragano, ...

Health inequalities related to psychosocial working conditions in Europe

This report presents results on psychosocial working conditions and health inequalities using data from the 2010 and 2015 European Working Conditions Surveys and the second wave of the 2020 Living, Working and Covid-19 survey. In brief, mean WHO-5 mental health scores declined between 2010 and 2020, indicating an increase in symptoms of depression... Find out more

Vladimir Bogoeski, Zane Rasnača, Elisabeth Brameshuber, ...

Report on the social security rights of short-term third-country national migrant workers

This report provides an overview of the ways in which EU and EEA Member States have regulated their social security frameworks in relation to short-term third-country national (TCN) migrant workers. It presents the result of an extensive mapping exercise carried out in 24 EU Member States, as well as Iceland and Norway, focussing on the... Find out more

Nicola Countouris, Valerio De Stefano, Agnieszka Piasna, ...

The future of remote work

Debates on the future of work have taken a more fundamental turn in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Early in 2020, when large sections of the workforce were prevented from coming to their usual places of work, remote work became the only way for many to continue to perform their professions. What had been a piecemeal, at times truly sluggish... Find out more

Tommaso Pardi

Heavier, faster and less affordable cars

Between 1990 and 2019, the European transport sector was expected to reduce its CO 2 emissions by 40 per cent to keep track with the 100 per cent CO 2 reduction target on the 1990 level set by the European Commission for 2050. But, in fact, the transport sector has increased its CO 2 emissions by 32 per cent during these last 30 years, with... Find out more

Bart Vanhercke, Sebastiano Sabato, Slavina Spasova, ...

Social policy in the European Union: state of play 2022

At the beginning of 2022, hopes were high that the Covid-19 pandemic was on the ebb and that the European Union (EU) would be able to focus again on the main challenge of this century: how to proactively tackle the green and digital transition in a socially fair and inclusive way. But the Russian invasion of Ukraine dashed these hopes. Realpolitik... Find out more

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September 25, 2023

Unpacking AI at work

Understanding AI requires a variety of learning approaches and methodologies; this is why the ETUI Education Department and the Foresight Unit designed an all-encompassing training program tailored... Find out more

September 19, 2023

GreenReads: global boiling/flooding – fossil fuel subsidies – fiscal rules reform – green growth?

Off-the-charts, extreme weather events in the summer of 2023 have shocked the climate scientists’ community. While some experts report that their climate models predicted these developments, others... Find out more

September 19, 2023

ETUI Massive Open Online Course: ‘Acquiring skills for labour and environmental justice’

While climate change is posing unprecedented challenges to existing socio-economic models in Europe and beyond, the crisis of welfare systems based on growth, consumption and redistribution calls for... Find out more

September 19, 2023

Social partners’ positions on green deal topics

The ETUC and EPSU on cutting the number of firefighters while wildfires rage across Europe At a time when several Member States are struggling to control unprecedented wildfires, a joint statement by... Find out more