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Strategic foresight

The multiple crises that the world is facing have diverse and unequal impacts on society at large. Uncertainty reigns as these crises continuously evolve in many different directions. The fast-paced change that we are experiencing challenges societal structures and triggers social unrest. Foresight and scenarios can be useful tools to improve our... Find out more

AI: discovering the many faces of a faceless technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) is at the core of the digital revolution we are currently undergoing. Conceived in research labs, it has now established itself in almost all sectors and has become an integral part of our economy and lives. Understanding artificial intelligence is a complex task, as it involves using concepts such as mind, intelligence... Find out more

Aída Ponce Del Castillo, Diego Naranjo

Regulating algorithmic management

Policy recommendations The draft Directive on improving working conditions in platform work (Platform Work Directive) clarifies the employment status and working conditions of platform workers. Importantly, it also focuses on regulating algorithmic management. While a step in the right direction, the chapter on algorithmic management fails to... Find out more

The AI Regulation: entering an AI regulatory winter?

Policy issues AI systems in the context of employment are intrusive and have negative impacts on workers. The proposed Regulation fails to address the specificity of AI uses in employment, including platform work. An ad hoc directive on AI in employment is therefore necessary. As a consequence of focusing the regulatory approach on high-risk... Find out more

Blockchain in the world of work: hype or hope?

Among the many disruptive new technologies that have emerged recently, blockchain is the one that has the most potential to profoundly revolutionise society and the labour market. For blockchain to be socially acceptable, however, accountability and transparency in the governance of its architecture is necessary – as is giving all actors, including... Find out more

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December 20, 2022

Scenarios are stories about the future

Known as a forecasting technique, scenario building is a learning tool and instrument for constructive participation. The aim of working with scenarios is to enhance the integrity of our decisions and... Find out more

November 08, 2021

Connecting contemporary art to our futures

In a world that changes in a fast pace, thinking strategically becomes a primary skill for trade unions in order to strengthen their vision, build their own strategies, and make their own futures. In... Find out more

March 04, 2021

Strategic thinking for trade union leaders

In a world that changes at a fast pace, strategical thinking becomes a primary skill for trade unions in order to strengthen their vision, build their own strategies, and make their own futures. In... Find out more

January 11, 2021

MEPs need to listen to more voices on artificial intelligence

The European Parliament’s committee exploring AI needs to give the floor to civil society. Big Tech has had enough influence. When the European Parliament established the Special Committee on... Find out more

August 04, 2020

Planning for the future: is your organization working on strategic change?

ETUI works on strategic foresight through its Foresight Unit and through training courses, organized by the Education Department, open to all interested European trade unionists. So far, we have... Find out more