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The AI Regulation: entering an AI regulatory winter?

Policy issues AI systems in the context of employment are intrusive and have negative impacts on workers. The proposed Regulation fails to address the specificity of AI uses in employment, including platform work. An ad hoc directive on AI in employment is therefore necessary. As a consequence of focusing the regulatory approach on high-risk... Find out more

Blockchain in the world of work: hype or hope?

Among the many disruptive new technologies that have emerged recently, blockchain is the one that has the most potential to profoundly revolutionise society and the labour market. For blockchain to be socially acceptable, however, accountability and transparency in the governance of its architecture is necessary – as is giving all actors, including... Find out more

Labour in the age of AI: why regulation is needed to protect workers

Superpowers, states and companies around the world are all pushing hard to win the AI race. Artificial intelligence (AI) is of strategic importance for the EU, with the European Commission recently stating that ‘artificial intelligence with a purpose can make Europe a world leader’. For this to happen, though, the EU needs to put in place the right... Find out more

Anticipating change, staying relevant: why trade unions should do foresight

Why do foresight? To look at reality from different perspectives. Like any organisation, trade unions have to navigate a complex and interconnected environment where they face constant and evolving social, economic, environmental and technological realities. Foresight can help trade unions by shedding light on ‘blind spots’, enable them to make... Find out more

Artificial intelligence: a game changer for the world of work

‘Whoever becomes the ruler of AI will become the ruler of the world,’ said Vladimir Putin in September 2017. The USA, Russia and China are all adamant that artificial intelligence (AI) will be the key technology underpinning their national power in the future. What place, then, is there for Europe in this context? The European Commission has... Find out more

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March 04, 2021

Strategic thinking for trade union leaders

In a world that changes at a fast pace, strategical thinking becomes a primary skill for trade unions in order to strengthen their vision, build their own strategies, and make their own futures. In... Find out more

January 11, 2021

MEPs need to listen to more voices on artificial intelligence

The European Parliament’s committee exploring AI needs to give the floor to civil society. Big Tech has had enough influence. When the European Parliament established the Special Committee on... Find out more

August 04, 2020

Planning for the future: is your organization working on strategic change?

ETUI works on strategic foresight through its Foresight Unit and through training courses, organized by the Education Department, open to all interested European trade unionists. So far, we have... Find out more