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Address :
Tartu mnt 50
10115 Tallinn
Contact :
Märt Masso, Programme Manager, Labour and Social Policy
+372 640 8005

Short Description


Praxis Centre for Policy Studies Foundation is an independent, non-profit, civil initiative think tank. Praxis was founded in 2000 and has now become one of the biggest think tanks dealing with socio-economic topics in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our mission is to enrich the public debate, create valuable knowledge and effective solutions for policymakers, the third sector and to other interested people. We are inspired by the idea that our work will contribute to meaningful changes in Estonia.

Read about our work methods here.

Areas of expertise and competencies

Highlighting the synergies between our areas of focus is one of the biggest strengths of Praxis, because our experts cover all the main topics of socio-economic development. See more here.

Our areas of focus are the following:


-          Taxes and benefits

-          Access to the labour market and participation in working life

-          Industrial relations and social dialogue

-          Health and safety at work

-          Gender equality

-          Children’s rights and parenting


-          Improving coherence between the education system and the labour market

-          The quality of teaching

-          Equal access to education


-          Developing knowledge-based and regionally balanced entrepreneurship

-          Increasing the competitiveness of the economy and its sectors

-          More efficient use of public money and better consideration of the impact of tax changes

-          Ensuring sustainable development and more efficient use of resources


-          Capability and impact of non-governmental organisations

-          The development of public services

-          Coherent and effective governance

-          State personnel policy that supports strategic objectives


-          Sustainability and strategic management of the healthcare system

-          Quality and patient-centred care

-          Mental health

-          Long-term care


-          Participatory democracy

-          Empowering the parties

-          Open governance

Work programme, strategic plan, projects

Since 2000, we have compiled approximately 500 analyses and studies, the purpose of which is to help solve significant social problems. We put together evidence-based analyses, create visions of the future and regularly monitor the implementation of various policies. Our specialty is orientation to practical solutions and the most measurable results possible.

See our projects here.

Publications, language, newsletter

Other networks the institute is participating in

  • Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions observatories – Eurofound (since 2006)
  • European Employment Observatory, and European centre of expertise in the field of labour law, employment and labour market policies - ECE(since 2009),
  • IR Share,
  • European Social Policy Network - ESPN (since 2013)
  • Scientific analysis and advise on gender equality in the EU – SAAGE (since 2016; previously ENEGE)