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Address :
24, Ioulianou Str.
104 34 Athens
Contact :
Giorgos Argitis, Scientific Director
++30-210-8202240, 8202247, 8202257

Short Description


The Labour Institute (henceforth INE-GSEE) has been created in 1990 and spread out all over the country, but its main location is in Athens. Its primarily purpose is to conduct research on economic, social and political issues as well as on industrial relations; to monitor economic and social policy developments; and to plan and materialize training programmes. In this way, the INE-GSEE plays an essential role in strengthening the competences, knowledge and the policy intervention of the Greek trade union movement. The INE-GSEE develops various activities: a) Research on the Greek Economy and Social Policy that is of the interest of the Greek General Confederation of Labour and of the trade unions that are members of the confederation at the regional, sectoral and industry level; b) The planning and realization of training and learning programmes for workers, unemployed people and vulnerable groups of the population; c) The planning and the realization of seminars and training activities for trade unionists at the national and European level.

More specifically, the Research Division of the INE-GSEE consists of three major research units, the economic policy, employment and development unit, the industrial relations unit and the social policy unit. The INE-GSEE monitors Greece’s economic performance and development for the reason that they are the major determinants of the living standards of workers and pensioners. Furthermore, the economic, social and fiscal crisis that started in 2010 had a considerable long-term effect on national industrial relations and induced a significant regression in terms of wages, working conditions and jobs security. Particular research attention is paid to the macroeconomic behavior of the Greek economy; the developments in non-standard employment and its implications for labour law and for social security coverage and trade union organizing; the sustainability of the pension system; the challenges of the economic crisis to social policy in Greece; the developments of a Greek social and employment policy in the context of the Europe 2020 strategy; to poverty and income inequality; and the way that welfare and labour market institutions impact on economic growth. The INE-GSEE monitors and analyses these changes and make publications on fiscal economic and employment issues that are geared to proposals for action but also of a more academic type.

Areas of expertise and competencies

Economic crisis and economic governance

Sovereign debt crisis and its implications

A new sustainable growth model for Greece

Wage developments and income distribution

Labour market developments (e.g. employment, unemployment, immigration)

Challenges of the economic crisis for social policy

Industrial relations and precarious employment

Income inequality and poverty

Health and social protection

The Greek pension system

Work programme, strategic plan, projects

Publications, language, newsletter

INE-GSEE publishes in Greek studies, reports and policy notes on all of the above mentioned issues; the Monthly review “Information”; the Annual Report on the Greek Economy and Employment; and the Annual Report on Industrial Relations in Europe and Greece.

Other networks the institute is participating in

INE/GSEE is the national correspondent for the observatories network (EIRO, ERM, EWCO) of the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Dublin).

Address :
10555 Athens
Contact :
George Gioulos, President

Short Description


Koinoniko Polykentro is the research and training institute of ADEDY (the Greek Civil Service Confederation), which represents over 450.000 employees in the public sector. Our activities include work of research, education and training, in support of trade union members and employees of the public sector.



- The systematic study, research and documentation in the fields of Public Administration and the Social Services of the State.

- The promotion of education and training among the trade union leaders for the support and strengthening of the civil servants’ movement in Greece.

- The promotion of ethics of collectiveness and unionism through continuous exchange of ideas and open dialogue.


History: In November of 2004 Koinoniko Polykentro signs up the 1st scheduling agreement between the Ministry of administrative reform and e-governance - ADEDY – and The National Center of Public Administration. Since then, Koinoniko Polykentro originated and participated in several actions of lifelong learning and training addressed to employees of the public sector.

- In April of 2005 initiates and introduces in collaboration with the University of Peloponnesus the first Masters course for Public Servants with the title “Administration of Public Services and Organisations”.

- In March 2007 with the University of Macedonia introduces the second Masters course for public servants with the title “Total Quality Management”.

Funding: Koinoniko Polykentro receives state funding through the scheduling agreement with the Ministry of Administrative Reform and E-governance and European funding through the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF).

Areas of expertise and competencies

see below

Work programme, strategic plan, projects

Research & documentation targets

- Research to identify and analyse the current employment trends and work conditions in Public Administration and the Public Services.

- The systematic research of the educational and training needs of the workforce of the Public Sector.

- The development of the necessary documentation structures to facilitate the direct collection and diffusion of knowledge and information to all stakeholders (Trade unions, Administrative and Political organizations, Academic community).

- The build-up of systematic and efficient partnerships with the institutions active in the fields of research and education of the workforce of the Public Sector.

Our training seminars in progress include:

“Health and Safety at work”

“Promoting collaboration among workers by using specialized IT skills and Communications”

“Training on issues of discrimination and diversity at work”

“Managing Conflict in the Workplace”

“Training in social policy and social security issues”

“Training in trade union administrative and organizational skills”


Koinoniko Polykentro has developed an internal network of collaborations for providing up-to-date research and training, with Academic departments of Greek Universities and Institutes operating under specific Trade unions and Federations, such as: KEMETE (the Centre of Research & Documentation of OLME (the Greek Federation of Secondary Education State School Teachers)) and the Labour Institute of the Greek General Confederation of Labour (INE/GSEE)

Publications, language, newsletter

- Weekly newsletter (Greek) issued by the Research and Documentation Department of Koinoniko Polykentro and delivered to all affiliated Federations and members of ADEDY. The purpose of the newsletter is to report to the trade unions and its members of ADEDY with news, analysis, policy texts and training and research facts from international and European bodies and trade unions. The newsletter is also a source of communication for our Training programmes and their outcomes. (Find our newsletter here). Please find the Archive of our publications here

- Quarterly newsletter of the indicators and key figures of the Greek public sector, such as employment and unemployement figures, working and living conditions and public spending on basic goods and services.

Other networks the institute is participating in