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Address :
Borggata 2B, P.O. Box 2947 Tøyen
0608 Oslo
Contact :
Line Eldring
+47 22088701
+47 22088700

Short Description


Fafo was founded by the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) in 1982 and was reorganised as an independent research foundation in 1993. Fafo conducts research on changes in living and working conditions, industrial relations, societal participation, democracy and development in a range of social and economic settings - in Norway, Europe and beyond. Fafo's ambition is to contribute to processes of social and economic development based on rigorous ethical and scientific standards.

Fafo conduct commissioned research for a wide range of actors (trade unions, employers’ associations, government agencies, NGOs etc), combined with publicly financed scientific research (national and international research grants). Currently Fafo has approximately 90 employees, of whom 75 are scientific staff, most of the researchers being sociologists, political scientists and economists.

Areas of expertise and competencies

The research activities of Fafo Institute for Labour and Social Research are concentrated in four main areas:


The focus areas of Fafo's trade union related research are the following:


  • Industrial relations
  • Collective bargaining
  • Minimum wage regulations
  • Forms of employment
  • Labour mobility
  • European labour models
  • Health, environment and safety in the workplace
  • Working time

More information on Fafo’s trade union related research and contact persons.

Work programme, strategic plan, projects

See the information at

Publications, language, newsletter

Fafo publishes reports in Norwegian, English and occasionally in other languages. The publications can be downloaded from

Fafo also publishes newsletters in a number of areas (mostly in Norwegian).