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Address :
Kyrkogårdsg. 10
75120 Uppsala
Contact :
Lars Magnusson, Head of SALTSA project
+46(0)18 4712339
+46(0)18 471 12 23

Short Description

The SALTSA (Samarbetsprogram mellan Arbetslivsinstitutet, LO, TCO och SACO) programme was established by the Swedish National Institute for Working Life (NIWL) in 1997 as a research programme on working life issues in a European perspective, and a cooperation between the Institute and the three organizations LO, TCO and SACO. The programme was hosted, coordinated and financed by the Institute with an average budget of 14 million SEK annually. From 1996 to 2007, the programme produced more than 90 reports from 70 projects.

After the closure of the Institute in 2007 the research programme SALTSA was transferred to Uppsala University. It is now hosted by the Department of Economic History since July 2007, as an integrated part of a Work Life Research Centre at Uppsala University.

Aim of the programme

The aim of the network SALTSA is to contribute to scientific research of the dynamics and complexity of the European working life arena by studies on labour market, employment and work organization issues. The research will focus on both national and supranational perspectives.

The objectives of SALTSA are:

- to stimulate multidisciplinary and transnational research on relevant European working life issues

- to conduct research characterized by national comparative perspectives as well as supranational analysis

- to elaborate research projects in close contact with social partners and other relevant actors on both national and European level.

Working mode

The working mode of the programme is based on its cooperative, multidisciplinary and transnational design. A European network of researchers will have two annual formal meetings to discuss project proposals. The final approval of proposals as SALTSA lies with the programme leader. For each approved proposal a multidisciplinary project team (network members or scholars from their extended networks) will appoint a project leader who will be responsible for the project. Results of the projects will be presented on a European arena at seminars and conferences, on the SALTSA web site and in scientific publications. The research projects will be externally funded as SALTSA is only a platform and organiser of research and other academic activities.

Apart from the network, SALTSA has also established a reference group, consisting of Swedish academics and representatives for the Swedish social partners. This group will meet once every sixth month in connection with a national SALTSA seminar.

Areas of expertise and competencies

Issues to be addressed are research regarding the relation between the European social dimension and economic growth. Other relevant issues are the diverse interpretations and implementations of flexicurity, employment policies and strategies for the national social partners, labour law, demography, workforce supply and migration. The process of European harmonizing and integration of new member states with respect to working life issues is another such issue.

To sum up, these research areas consider living and working conditions as well as discourses and decisions in national boards, parliaments and supranational EU bodies.

All such research issues may be addressed within the SALTSA network as long as the common denominator is the relevance for the development of the European working life, by conducting high-quality scientific research within the areas of sociology, economic history, labour law, economics and work organization.

Work programme, strategic plan, projects

At the moment the on-going activities are:

- establishment of a national reference-group consisting of the trade union chairmen (3) and a number of senior researchers from the Uppsala Centre

- establishment of a European network (ongoing discussions with researchers throughout Europe)

- one network application has been submitted to FAS (Swedish research council)

- two research project applications will be submitted in short, where SALTSA is a partner: one to DG Employment on social dialogue and one to the Nordic Minister Council.

- partner in a Swedish network established by LO to discuss and develop the precarious situation for work life research after the closure of NIWL

- partner in TURI

- there are also some of the NIWL-SALTSA projects still going on:

Privatisation and marketisation of services, Maria Jepsen, Maarten Kenne (ETUI-REHS)

Relocation in the context of an enlarged EU, Bela Galgóczi (ETUI-REHS)

A European solidarity, Magnusson, Stråth (ETUI-REHS)

Flexicurity, Maria Jepsen, Maarten Kenne (ETUI-REHS)

Economic and employment policies in Europe, Jackie Fayolle, Lars Magnusson (IRES)

Trade union strategies for developing competence at work, Winterton, Magnusson (CREER)

The Nordic model, Dölvik, Jörgensen, Magnusson

Temporary agency work, Kerstin Ahlberg (report in Sept. -08)

NewMigra, Schierup, Brboric-Likic (FP7 application -08)

Publications, language, newsletter

During 2008 the distribution of an electronic news-letter to the network and other interested stake-holders will be initiated.

You can consult the website for a list of publications:

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