Members of this network are experienced trade union educators who have already completed the Eurotrainers training pathway and who work closely with the ETUI Education officer in charge of running the network and related activities.  These members come from different trade union structures which are members of the ETUC.

This network has many different tasks to develop within the ETUI. They work jointly on the preparation of materials, pedagogical content and issues related to the upskilling and capacity building of trade unionists from everywhere in Europe, and who are linked to education and training at national level. They also deliver some of the pedagogical workshops organised by ETUI education.

Members of this network also have very important tasks to develop within the framework of the accreditation process for Eurotrainers. They coach our candidates throughout the process of accreditation of prior education and learning. Every candidate has a coach to guide them in the construction of reflective ePortfolios on their career development. The coaching continues until candidates present themselves before the jury at the University of Lille to complete the cycle and obtain their formal accreditation.

Annual meetings are vital in order to plan the tasks for the year ahead, revise documents, build materials and assess the different activities already completed. 

All members have set together the objectives of the network for undertaking its mission:

  • To prepare pedagogical material and plan pedagogical activities for the design of ETT1 and ETT2 trainings;
  • To organize and train Trade Union educators to deliver the Eurotrainers training (preparatory meetings, ETT trainings and evaluation meetings) ;
  • To support and assist participants involved in the Eurotrainers process for the elaboration of the Portfolio;
  • To develop a high standard of pedagogical professionalism in course development, delivery and evaluation, in the exchange of ideas and pedagogical expertise;
  • To sponsor the ETUI training activities at national level;
  • To transpose the education guidelines approved by the Pedagogical Committee when designing ETUI trainings;
  • To develop the skills of members during the network meetings and share experiences of training and coaching.