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66% of employees pushed to work “very fast”

The results of the SUMER 2017 survey were presented in France on 9 September 2019. SUMER is the acronym for the French “surveillance médicale des salariés aux risques professionnels”, i.e. the medical monitoring of employees’ exposure to occupational risks. Carried out for the 4th time, the survey maps the main work-related risks. The previous surveys were performed in 1994, 2003 and 2010 in such a way that a comparison of the results provides important information on the evolution of working conditions in France over a period of more than 20 years.

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Overcoming the social costs of climate change, or ‘How to win the war against ourselves’

The 2019 edition of the European Commission’s flagship analytical report on employment and social affairs, the Employment and Social Developments in Europe (ESDE) review, was presented at an ETUI conference on 10 September 2019. This event was the first occasion at which the authors presented the report, which was published in July.

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High levels of endocrine disruptors found among children

esteban publication

Hundreds of substances capable of disrupting hormone production exist. Used to a massive extent by industry in many different products, these substances are linked to serious health problems such as cancers, reproductive health disorders, developmental disorders such as obesity, lower intelligence quotients, etc. The main substances used include bisphenols, phthalates, parabens, glycol ethers, brominated flame retardants and perfluorinated compounds (PFCs). For the first time, the French public health agency Santé publique France has measured the presence of these substances of very high concern (SVHCs) in the bodies of children and adults in a large sample (1,104 children and 2,503 adults) representative of the French population. The work was carried out in the context of the ESTEBAN (enquête de santé sur l’environnement, la biosurveillance, l’activité physique et la nutrition) public health survey.

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The limits of foreign-led growth in Central and Eastern Europe

workers at multinational corporations

A working paper on the limits of growth in Central Eastern Europe was published in August 2019 by the National Bank of Slovakia (NBS). The paper, based on foreign direct investment, highlights a model that is dominant in Central and Eastern European countries. Using a large dataset of online job vacancies combined with firm registry data, the report focuses on multinational companies in Slovakia and shows that they are less likely to recruit digitally skilled workers compares to domestic firms.

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Seminar on Strategic Litigation on Occupational Health and Safety (OSH)

call for papers

The Health and Safety and Working Conditions Unit of the European Trade Union Institute organizes a Seminar on Strategic Litigation on Occupational Health and Safety at 15-16 January 2020 in Brussels. The seminar is the starting point of a multi-annual project on strategic OSH litigation in the EU, and will revolve around two main topics / aims:

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The two options facing Belgian unions: cut costs or invest

Looking at the figures, Belgian trade unions are still faring well or even very well compared to the rest of Europe. With its net unionisation rate of 53% (2016), Belgium ranks well above the European average (28%), with just Finland %), Sweden (66%), Denmark (67%) and Iceland (90%) doing better – and it is not by chance that these are countries where the unions are also involved in paying unemployment benefits. But unionisation levels are falling in the majority of European countries, to be precise, in 28 of 32 of them, with falls more pronounced in Central and Eastern Europe.

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New online database for identifying endocrine disruptors

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A team at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences in Chennai, India, has placed online a database which identifies 686 endocrine disruptors. The database is called DEDuCT: Database on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and their Toxicity Profiles

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Transfer special issue on changing labour markets and international organisations

The latest issue of Transfer, the European Review of Labour and Research, looks at how international organisations dealing with jobs and employment, such as the ILO, OECD and European Commission, have reassessed their labour market analysis and policy recommendations in recent years.

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France Télécom: institutional harassment before a court

A landmark trial ended on 11 July 2019 at the Paris Tribunal de Grande Instance. It was triggered by a complaint filed with the Paris public prosecutor by the union SUD PTT in December 2009, accusing France Télécom and its senior executives of "moral harassment" and "endangering others".

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Revolt of the Laborers of Love: Organising Teachers, Journalists and Museum Workers in the U.S.

With the steady disappearance of industrial jobs, more jobs in the service economy and the so-called “knowledge economy” have been created in the U.S. The American freelance journalist Sarah Jaffe, who was invited to speak at an ETUI lunch debate on 9 July, has talked to many teachers, museum workers and fellow journalists in the course of her work.

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