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ILO urges better pay and conditions for 53 million domestic workers


The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has urged countries to adopt new standards to ensure decent working conditions and pay for the world's 53 million domestic workers – mainly women.

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New EU report highlights growing divergence in and between member states

Growing divergence leading to social polarisation, stalled progress on gender equality, increasing risks of social exclusion and poverty, and major challenges to social protection schemes and wages, are some of the main findings of the second edition of the EU’s Employment and Social Developments in Europe (ESDE) review.

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EU Corporate Governance plans stick to shareholder paradigm


Last week European Commissioner Michel Barnier published the long-awaited EU Action Plan on European Company Law and Corporate Governance. The sixteen proposals made contain little in the way of correcting the power imbalance that currently exists between shareholders on the one hand and stakeholders (particularly employees) on the other hand in the governance of European companies.

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James Galbraith: what Europe needs is solidarity, not austerity

James Galbraith

Europe’s ideologically driven austerity policies are leading to economic and social divergence between member states that could produce chaos, not to mention complete citizen disenchantment with the European project. What Europe needs is stabilising its institutions and building on solidarity to deal with the new reality of slow growth. Such was the overriding conclusion of the extremely well attended conference organised by the European Trade Union Institute, on 11 December, with well-known American economist James Galbraith.

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Report: steering labour migration policies into the right lane

The face of European labour migration has changed quite radically over the last decades and needs a new policy approach on the part of national and European authorities, according to a new report presented by the Dutch Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) this week.

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ILO warns of “race to the bottom” in wages

Guy Ryder ILO

Workers’ wages in the developed economies have grown more slowly than labour productivity according to the new Global Wage Report 2012-13 of the International Labour Organisation (ILO). “Workers and their families are not receiving the fair share they deserve,” said ILO’s director-general Guy Ryder.

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Discounting the workers: conditions in the retail sector

This 6th issue of the HesaMag looks at working conditions in the retail sector, with a special focus on employees in the mainly grocery store. The supermarket boom has given jobs to hundreds of thousands of Europeans, very many of them young people. This foothold in the working world, however, can now only be had by giving up some expectations about well-being at work, and even a home life.

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Youth unemployment: EU Commission to the rescue?


With more than 5.5 million young people unemployed in the EU, the European Commission has proposed that member states introduce a “youth guarantee” scheme to help young adults get a job. The proposal is one element of the Youth Employment Package presented by Employment Commissioner László Andor on 5 December.

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Eurocrisis: calls for alternative policies and democratic debate get louder


Last week, the European Commission presented its Annual Growth Survey for 2013 and a “Blueprint” for a future “deep and genuine Economic Monetary Union”. The analysis presented in the survey confirms that the EU’s executive body remains addicted to its flawed neo-liberal recipes to tackle the Eurocrisis. But critiques of the EU’s austerity policies are growing and new voices for a more social alternative are getting louder.

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Basic services sectors: more jobs yes, but better?


Creating more and at the same time better jobs is one of the key objectives of the EU’s Europe 2020 strategy. The European research project WALQING investigated quality of work in five growing but socially risk-prone service sectors and presented its conclusions and recommendation at the ETUI’s November Monthly Forum on 26 November.

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