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18 May 2015

Better EU law-making: the hidden agenda of cutting red tape

better regulation

The process of simplifying EU legislation has been taken hostage by very particular corporate interests. This is the main conclusion of a new working paper published by the ETUI one day before the presentation of Commissioner Timmermans “better regulation package”.

The EU has been struggling with simplifying its legislation for more than ten years now. From “better regulation” to smart regulation and to ‘REFIT’ (the infamous fitness check of EU laws criticised by NGOs and trade unions), the process has become a bit of a bureaucratic exercise with a clear political objective, according to Eric Van den Abeele, the author of the ETUI report.

The same concerns were also expressed in the launch of a new network today with more than 50 civil society organisations joining forces in the ‘Better Regulation Watchdog’ – a network to protect citizens’, workers’ and consumers’ rights. This network is concerned that “the ‘Better Regulation’ agenda aims to weaken or undermine essential regulations and subordinate the public good to corporate interests.”

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