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28 February 2020

Climate change: a trade union issue, also in south-east Europe

The latest issue of the SEER Journal for Labour and Social Afffairs in Eastern Europe takes up for the first time the topic of climate change and related policy initiatives in the region. This subject has not been at the centre of policy debates in this part of Europe but given the priority of the matter in global, and more specifically, the European context, its policy relevance will certainly grow.

This SEER issue gives an overview of initiatives and programmes related to the greening of the economy in south-east Europe in a comparative manner, and examines the prospect of EU membership as a driver for change with access to social and cohesion funding being a major factor in the development of policy.

Another topic featuring in this issue, and many other issues before, is wage developments in south-east Europe. An article examines wage and economic developments, the relationship between wages and productivity, the tax burden on the average wage, and provides some comparative insights into calculations of how minimum wages are uprated. Furthermore, the issue looks at the impact of labour productivity on wages in Bulgaria, it gives an overview of strike actions and union power in Serbia, and contains three articles on social housing, the principle of merit and the role of ethics in public administration in Albania.

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