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7 February 2019

Collective Bargaining January 2019

Find below the highlights of the latest issue of the Collective Bargaining newsletter with the most important developments at European and member state level in January 2019:

1. Greece – The first increase in the country’s minimum wage in nearly a decade is a fact as government announced that the standard monthly minimum wage would rise by 11%, from 586 euro a month to 650 euro a month. More than 800.000 workers will be directly affected by the minimum wage increase.

2. France- After a series of strikes last year Air France and unions representing ground staff have signed a new collective agreement for 2019. The deal will provide for pay increases of 1.8%, as well as money to finance individual bonuses and measures to make the payment of overtime easier.

3. UK-  After twelve years of struggle the women workers of the Glasgow city council have won their equal pay battle. The city council confirmed that it signed an agreement in principle on payments to resolve unequal pay claims.

4. Spain- A long-running industrial conflict at the Spanish Post, that included multiple strike actions and protests, has ended with a new two-year collective agreement that includes a 11,74% wage increase. Trade unions say that this is one of the best agreements in the history of the Spanish post.

5. Turkey - A twelve-day strike at wool factory Izocam, a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain, has ended with a new two-year collective agreement with major improvements for workers. The new collective agreement includes increased allowances, a significant wage increase and the acknowledgement of trade union rights.

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