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3 March 2017

Collective Bargaining developments February 2017

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Here are the most important developments at European and member state level from the February issue of the Collective Bargaining newsletter:

1. Finland – The Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) announced that it will terminate 22 of its contracts. The termination of the contracts concerns especially the working conditions of low-wage job-holders, such as security guards and movie theatre employees.

2. Germany – General Motors and the PSA Group are in advanced discussions to combine PSA with GM's European Opel activities. Trade unions and works councils are engaged in intense talks.

3. Hungary – Management at Audi Hungaria agreed with the Audi Hungaria Independent Trade Union (AHFSZ) on wage increases. Under the collective agreement, the monthly base salary at the Audi Hungaria’s local plant in Győr will be raised by 97 euro retroactively from the start of 2017.

4. Ireland – Trade union Mandate which represents staff employed by the retail giant Tesco called off its strike action as Tesco agreed to put contract changes on hold to allow a new round of Labour Court talks to take place.

5. Sweden –Transport trade unions are putting pressure on IKEA to take responsibility for exploitation in its European road transport supply chain. Drivers in IKEA’s contracting chain work on the road for weeks and months on end, earning inferior wages, living out of their trucks and are subject to the abuse of social, labour and safety rules. 

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