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30 July 2014

ETUI-ETUC Crossroads conference to debate new social start for Europe

Europe at a crossroads

After years of harsh austerity policies, the European Union remains confronted with anaemic growth, high unemployment, rising poverty and growing divergences between countries and social groups. No wonder that the recent European elections highlighted citizens’ doubts and fears about of the EU’s current political and social course. Therefore, it is high time for fresh ideas and real alternatives. Even the new Commission president recently mentioned the need for a new start for Europe. But which new start? Which new path should the EU choose?

To discuss the political choices required for a ‘new path for Europe’ built on quality jobs and sustainable prosperity, the ETUI and the ETUC are hosting a major ‘Europe at a crossroads’ conference in Brussels from 24 to 26 September 2014.

This conference, consisting of 5 plenary sessions and 16 thematic panels with academic experts, will provide a forum for policymakers, trade unionists and social experts to discuss recent research and policy action regarding the growing problem of European unemployment and precarious jobs. Alongside the question of how to get Europe back to work, the conference will tackle a wide range of employment-related themes including wages as an engine of growth, labour mobility, social dumping, green jobs, health and safety, skills and training, social dialogue and the Europeanisation of industrial relations.

The conference will be the first major platform for debate on the new start for social Europe after the European Parliament elections. It will allow newly elected policymakers to go into debate with international trade union representatives and labour researchers and provide elements for a redefinition of Europe’s social agenda in the next five years.

Speakers include Commissioner László Andor, EP President Martin Schulz, MEPs Ulla Tørnæs (ALDE, vice chair of the employment committee), Philippe Lamberts (co-chair of the Green group) and Gabriele Zimmer (chair of the GUE/NGL group) plus many more.

More information on all speakers, programme and registration can be found via the ETUI web site.

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