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9 May 2019

Europe Day: the way forward for a new social Europe

On Europe day, recognizing peace and prosperity within Europe and annual celebrated every 9 May in commemoration of the 1950 Schuman Declaration, it is central to look at the past and assess what the European Union (EU) has achieved since its creation 70 years ago. The common conclusion of many specialists and observers is the same: the European project is today in crisis and needs to be redefined.

The economic integration was often promoted at the expense of the social aspect of the European project. And, from the crisis in the euro zone to the management of migrants and asylum seekers, Europe has also faced many difficulties that have profoundly damaged the solidarity among its member states, the only guarantee of a solid political construction and the establishment of a European social model. Faced with the current divide, a new and decisive debate is starting and looking openly to the future.

Today two new ETUI publications take a closer look to the social dimension of Europe and propose a new way forward to create the European social model.

The first contribution from Philippe Pochet and Maria Jepsen published by the Revue de l’OFCE (Paris) promotes the idea to put the social matter back on top of the European political agenda, complete the European Monetary Union (EMU), equip it with the necessary stabilisation mechanism and change the orientation of economic policies.

The second contribution is a book entitled A la recherche de l’Europe sociale (Looking for social Europe) by Philippe Pochet (ETUI General Director) that summarises 30-years of expertise on European social construction where he pleads in favour of a new European socio-ecological dynamic as a way forward for Europe.

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