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23 May 2017

European Semester 2017 Spring Package: the Commission calls Members States to exploit the good economic times for further reforms

On 22 May 2017, the European Commission has unveiled its Spring Semester Package, through which it delivers specific recommendations to each country after analysing national programmes for stability and reforms presented earlier by each member state.

“Growth rates in both the EU and the euro area were nearly 2% in 2016, public finances are improving and employment is at a record of nearly 233 million people. Unemployment is at its lowest since 2009 and investments exceed pre-crisis levels in some Member States”, welcomed the European Commission.

The Commission calls on Member states to use the window of opportunity offered by the economic recovery to pursue structural reforms, boost investment and strengthen their public finances.

“These reforms should not be a continuation of policies that, as shown in a recent ETUI book, have increased precarious forms of employment. The need is for stable employment and higher pay especially in lower income countries, encouraging skills development and stemming the tide of outward migration of the young and qualified”, commented Martin Myant, the head of the ETUI Unit for European Economic, Employment and Social Policy.

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