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23 March 2014

International conference explores new frontiers for citizenship at work

Several ETUI researchers will participate in this year's international conference organised by the Interuniversity Research Centre on Globalization and Work (CRIMT) on the new frontiers for citizenship at work. This conference will take place at HEC Montréal from Monday 12 May to Wednesday 14 2014.

It will build upon previous work on the theme of citizenship at work, notably the importance of migrant status, social reproduction, inequality, life cycle, and social location as part of a larger examination of citizenship as a platform for delivering entitlements and distributing risks relating to work.

These are some of themes the conference will explore :

  • Jobs and Job Quality: What makes jobs better or worse, how are these jobs created and distributed among different groups in the labour market (women, men, younger and older workers, national and migrant workers) and what are the implications for citizenship at work?
  • Working and Acting across Borders: What does the historic and changing division of labour between North and South mean for citizenship at work?
  • Labour Standards, Rights at Work and their Enforcement: What are effective standards for labour protection and development and how can they be promoted and enforced?
  • Equality at Work: How are equality and inequality at work evolving and what does this mean for achieving citizenship at work
  • Democracy at Work: Is democracy in the workplace receding or expanding and what are the implications for achieving citizenship at work?

You can download the full programme of the event here

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