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25 July 2016

Letterbox-type practices lead to the exploitation of workers across the EU

As part of the ETUC-run project on letterbox companies, a report has been published earlier this month that documents tax avoidance and breaches of labour law and social security regulations in meat production, international road transport, car manufacturing and construction.

With the help of case studies from Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Sweden the report demonstrates how businesses use ‘letterbox practices’ not only to pay lower taxes, but also lower wages and to impose bad working conditions. The next phase of this ETUC project, funded by the European Commission, will examine solutions to this avoidance of taxes, wages and social security payments. Aline Conchon, ‎policy advisor at industriAll European Trade Union and former ETUI researcher, and Magdalena Bernaciak, senior researcher at the ETUI, have been members of the advisory board of this project.
 Read more and download the report.

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