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2 November 2015

New issue of SEER: Economic development and quality of life in the western Balkans

The first issue of SEER Journal for Labour and Social Affairs in Eastern Europe for 2015 contains a block of articles focusing on the broad theme of economic development and quality of life from different angles, taking a look at various countries of the region in a comparative way, examining also the important factors in economic development, including education, leadership and the business environment.

Two of the articles focus on one of the long-term themes of this journal – labour migration and related policies – against the backdrop of the heightened currency of the migration issue in many different debates within the EU and concerning its neighbourhood. Finally, some articles take a look eastwards of the European Union, examining geopolitical and energy security issues which clearly also have a major role to play in the development of the Union, and even in determining its future.

All articles from this issue are available for free download in the Nomos E-Library.

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Béla Galgóczi Senior Researcher

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