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12 November 2019

November issue of Transfer on industrial relations research in Europe

The recently published issue of Transfer, the European Review of Labour and Research, contains five articles which together illustrate the variety of industrial relations research in Europe in recent years. Two of the articles are available for free download.

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In the first article (only available for free download until the end of this month) the author Mohammad Ferdosi applies theories related to welfare states and varieties of capitalism in order to examine and compare socio-economic outcomes before and after the recent crisis. His findings are sometimes unexpected and show substantial variation in the country group averages for indicators such as inequality, low pay, union density and involuntary part-time work. In general, the results point to the fact that in some areas of social and economic life, many countries have not yet returned to pre-crisis levels.

The article by Pablo del Rio Loira and Menno Fenger start from the observation that trade unions are considered to be key political actors in the historical process of the creation of welfare states but their importance for the current fate of welfare states is being disputed within academia. The Spanish case of trade union influence which has been examined in the article shows that trade unions carefully analyse the content and the institutional conditions of proposed reforms before they decide to mobilise and that they are not always successful in attaining their goals.

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