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13 November 2017

The Grigor Gradev Scholarship: Call for Applications - 2018

Grigor Gradev

One year ago our former colleague Grigor Gradev passed away. To keep the memory of Grigor and to continue his work, the ETUC and the ITUC have set up a scholarship with the ETUI to promote the thinking behind promoting workers’ rights and dignity in a Europe in circumstances of deep transformation and dire economic conditions. The three-month scholarship is aimed at young researchers who specialise in labour relations studies and who have a concrete research project focused on Central and Eastern Europe, the South-Eastern Europe, the Caucasus or Central Asia on issues that refer to to improving workers’ rights and dignity.

Throughout his career as Director of the CITIB research institute, as ETUI senior researcher, and most of all as PERC Executive Secretary Grigor Gradev invested a lot in building the capacities of European unions, particularly in those countries that transitioned from a planned to a market economy, in promoting workers’ interests in challenging reform processes and in encouraging and helping unions from different parts of Europe to cooperate and work together. He did this not only by engaging in the political work, but also by contributing substantially to the intellectual thinking behind that work.

The ETUI is honored to take part in this scholarship in memory of Grigor Gradev. It will reinforce the work of the Institute on the socio-economic developments in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe and at the same time will encourage young researchers to engage with issues related to workers’ rights. Recently the work of the ETUI related to Central and Eastern Europe has focused on wages, wage development and minimum wages, but also on innovative trade union practices,  foreign direct investment, etc. The ETUI is also publishing for many years now SEER - the Journal for Labour and Social Affairs in Eastern Europe - which aims to stimulate an exchange of information between researchers, trade unionists and people who have a special interest in the political, social and economic development of the region of eastern Europe.

Find here the full text of the Call for Applications - 2018

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