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11 June 2015

Transatlantic Social Dialogue: 13th annual meeting

TSD meeting 2015

The Transatlantic Social Dialogue (TSD) is a series of annual meetings that bring together academic researchers and trade union leaders from Europe (especially Germany, Britain and the European Trade Union Confederation) and the United States.

This year’s Transatlantic Social Dialogue meeting, organised by the Hans Böckler Stiftung, the Worker Institute of Cornell University and the ETUI, took place in Düsseldorf from 4 to 6 June.

Participants meet to discuss the current state of trade unions, labour market developments, and social and green policies in their respective countries and to exchange ideas and strategies for developing solutions to the growing social, economic and political challenges facing workers and trade unions. These meetings also promote a better understanding of the partners’ current research projects and needs and have resulted in important research partnerships among participants and other organizations.

From the ETUI Philippe Pochet, Maria Jepsen, Torsten Müller and Jeremy Waddington took part in the Dialogue. They presented, respectively, recent studies about current trends in the European integration process and possible trade union strategies; gender differences since the Great Recession; the impact of the new European economic governance on national wage-setting; and survey results about board-level employee representation.

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