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17 February 2012

White Paper on Pensions

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The European Commission has just published a White Paper on Pensions (16/02/2012). This document is the follow up of the Green Paper 'Towards adequate, sustainable and safe European pension systems' published in July 2010. Its purpose was to initiate a European debate on the key challenges concerning pensions, the main question being: how can the EU best support the efforts of Member States to ensure adequate, sustainable and safe pensions for their citizens both now and in the future. On the basis of the responses to the open consultation launched by the Green Paper, the White Paper identifies the most important measures to be taken forward in this respect at the European level.
The ETUI has embarked on this issue for a long time. It has published several Working papers and Policy Briefs to feed into the debate.

An important focus has been the growing importance of supplementary pension schemes across Europe.
A Policy Brief emphasizes the importance of looking, not as is usually done, at the ratio of elderly persons to those of working age (demographic dependency) but rather at the number of benefit recipients (pensioners and the unemployed) compared with the number of people actually working (economic dependency).
The most recent publication of the Institute deals with the consequences which the financial and economic crisis has on pensions policy across Europe, and assesses the first measures proposed and/or introduced in four EU countries.

ETUI Working papers:

Pensions after the financial and economic crisis: a comparative analysis of recent reforms in Europe (2011)
Public / private mix in pensions in Europe. The role of state, market and social partners in supplementary pensions (2009)
The EU and supplementary pensions. Instruments for integration and the market for occupational pensions in Europe (2009)
Institutional survival and return: examples from the new pension orthodoxy (2009)

ETUI Policy Briefs – European Economic and Employment Policy:

Dependency ratios and demographic change. The labour market as a key element (2011)
Public and private pensions: lessons from the crisis (2009)

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