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Laurent Vogel

Health and Safety, Working Conditions
Senior Researcher
+32 (0)2 224 05 65

Laurent has a degree in law from the Free University of Brussels. He gained a doctorate at the University of Nantes after completing a thesis on the role of Community law in the harmonisation of occupational health legislation in Europe. He teaches occupational health law at the Free University of Brussels and the University Paris XIII.

After spending eleven years working in Latin America and Italy, he joined the Institute in 1990 and was responsible for setting up the Trade Union Observatory for implementation of Community directives. He was director of the ETUI Working Conditions, Health and Safety Department from 2008 to 2013.

At the international level, he is involved in the world campaign to eradicate asbestos and in the ‘Women, Health, Work’ network based on cooperation among women’s organisations, trade unions and the scientific community.

Areas of activity
  • Research on the gender dimension of occupational safety and on how working conditions contribute to social inequalities in health
  • Monitoring Community legislation and its implementation in the different European Union countries
  • Researcher, unit Working Conditions, Health and Safety

French, English, Italian, Russian

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