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Torsten Müller

Economic, Employment and Social Policies
Senior Researcher
+32 (0)2 224 05 08

Torsten is a senior researcher in the field of collective bargaining. He holds a PhD in Industrial and Business Studies from the University of Warwick in the UK. Before joining the ETUI in September 2012, he was a member of the European and Global Industrial Relations Research Group at the University of Applied Sciences at Fulda / Germany. There he was involved in various research projects covering different aspects of the activities of European Works Councils, the development of international framework agreements and the activities of European and Global Union Federations more generally. He also worked as a research fellow at the Industrial Relations Research Unit at the University of Warwick and as a research manager at the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions in Dublin / Ireland.

Areas of activity

German and English

Main publications or courses
  1. Müller, T. and Platzer, H.-W. (2016 forthcoming), Gewerkschaften und Arbeitsbeziehungen im Europa der Krise – Strukturdaten und Entwicklungstrends im Vergleich, in Busch, K. (ed.) Gewerkschaften im Zeichen der Eurokrise – Entwicklungstrends und Strategien im Vergleich, Hamburg, VSA-Verlag.
  2. Müller, T. (2015), Die Troika: Kontrolle der Kontrolleure, in von Alemann, U. et al. (eds.), Ein soziales Europa ist möglich, Wiesbaden: Springer, 261-284.
  3. In English: Müller, T. (2015), The king is dead – long live the king: what follows after the Troika?, ETUI Working Paper 2015.09.
  4. Müller, T. and Schulten, T. (2015), The public-private sector debate in Europe, Working Paper 2015.08, Brussels, ETUI.
  5. Schulten, T. and Müller T. (2014), Back on the agenda: a European minimum wage standard, ETUI Policy brief, No. 8/2014,
  6. Schulten, T. and Müller, T. (2014), Wages and collective bargaining during the European economic crisis – report for the industriAll European Trade Union collective bargaining and social police conference, Vienna, 12-13 June 2014, See also Industriall publications website
  7. Schulten, T. and Müller, T. (2014), European economic governance and its intervention in national wage development and collectice bargaining, in: Lehndorff, S. (ed.), Divisive integration: The triumph of failed ideas in Europe – revisited, Brussels: ETUI, 331-363. See PDF
  8. In German: Schulten, T. and Müller, T. (2014), Ein neuer europäischer Interventionismus? Die Auswirkungen des neuen Systems der Economic Governance auf Löhne und Tarifpolitik, in: Lehndorff, S. (ed.), Spaltende Integration – Der Triumph gescheiterter Ideen in Europa – revisited, Hamburg: VSA-Verlag, 273-301.
  9. Schulten, T. and Müller, T. (2013) A new European interventionism? The impact of the new European economic governance on wages and collective bargaining, in: Natali, D. and Vanhercke, B. (eds.) Social developments in the European Union 2012, Brussels: ETUI/OSE, 181-213.
  10. English: pdf
    French: pdf
    German: Schulten, T. and Müller, T. (2013) Ein neuer europäischer Interventionismus? Die Auswirkungen des neuen Systems der Economic Governance auf Löhne und Tarifpolitik. In: Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft, Vol. 39 (3), 291-321.
  11. Rüb, S. and Müller, T. (eds.) (2013), Arbeitsbeziehungen im Prozess der Globalisierung und europäischen Integration – Ökonomische und soziale Herausforderungen im Zeichen der Krise. Festschrift für Hans-Wolfgang Platzer. Baden-Baden: Nomos.
  12. Müller, T.; Platzer H.-W.; Rüb, S. (2013), Transnational company agreements and the role of European works councils in negotiations, Report 127, Brussels: ETUI
    In German: Transnationale Unternehmensvereinbarungen und die Vereinbarungspolitik Europäischer Betriebsräte
  13. Rüb, S.; Platzer, H.-W.; Müller, T. (2013), Transnational Company Bargaining and the Europeanization of Industrial Relations, Oxford: Peter Lang.
    In German: Transnationale Unternehmensvereinbarungen Zur Neuordnung der Arbeitsbeziehungen in Europa
  14. Platzer, H.-W. and Müller, T. (2011), Global and European Trade Union Federations. A Handbook and Analysis of Transnational Trade Union Organizations and Politics (in cooperation with S. Rüb, M. Helmer and T. R. Oettgen). Oxford: Peter Lang.


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