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Vera Glassner

Associate Researcher

Vera Glassner, who holds a PhD in industrial sociology from the University of Vienna, worked at the ETUI from November 2007 until February 2012 as researcher in the area of industrial relations. Before joining the ETUI she held the position of research assistant at the Institute of Industrial Sociology, University of Vienna.
Vera Glassner has conducted comparative studies on labour relations and social partner organisation for the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions. She has also carried out studies for various organisations including the International Labour Organization, the Hans Böckler Foundation, the Otto Brenner Foundation, the European Metalworkers’ Federation, the European Mine, Chemical and Energy Workers’ Federation, the European Trade Union Confederation, as well as other national and European unions. In her research on the Europeanisation of industrial relations she also cooperates with several academic research institutions.

Areas of activity

German, English and French

Main publications or courses
  • Glassner, V., Keune, M., Marginson, P. (2011) Collective Bargaining in a Time of Crisis: Developments in the private sector in Europe. Transfer 17( 3): 303-321.
  • Glassner, V. and Pochet, P. (2011) Why trade unions seek to coordinate wages and collective bargaining in the Eurozone: past developments and future prospects ETUI Working Paper 2011.03.
  • Glassner, V. and Pusch, T. (2010) ‘The emergence of wage coordination in the central western European metal sector and its relationship to European Economic Policy’ IHW-Discussion Papers 13/2010, Halle: Halle Institute for Economic Research.
  • Glassner, V. and Watt, A. (2010) ‘Cutting wages and employment in the public sector: smarter fiscal consolidation strategies needed’, Intereconomics 45/4, pp. 212-219.
  • Glassner, V. (2010) The public sector in the crisis, ETUI Working Paper 2010.07. ETUI: Brussels.

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