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Viktor Kempa

Health and Safety, Working Conditions
Senior Researcher
+32 (0)2 224 04 49

Viktor Kempa graduated from the Faculty of Mining and Geology of the Technical University of Ostrava in 1982 and obtained a post-graduate degree in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) from the same university in 1988. Prior to joining the ETUI in 2002 as Research officer in the field of health and safety, he was Head of the OHS and Environmental Protection Department of the Czech Trade Union of Mine, Geology and Oil Industry Workers and a member of the National Tripartite Committee on OHS and of the National Council on OHS in the Czech Republic.

Areas of activity
  • Migrant Workers' Health and Safety
  • Occupational Health and Safety Systems
  • Coordination of New Member States and Candidate Countries in OHS area
  • Coordination of the Workers' Group in EU-OSHA

Czech, English, Polish

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