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28 April 2017

Bulgaria: discussions on the determination of the minimum wage

After months of prevarication, March saw the beginning of discussions led by the Ministry of Labour to establish with the social partners a mechanism for calculating the minimum wage.

According to the calculations of the experts from the trade union confederation CITUB, the minimum wage should increase between 45 % and 50 % faster than the average wage, especially as wage inequalities in Bulgaria are more marked than in most other European countries.

The employers’ organisation BIA welcomes the fact that steps are being taken to adopt rules to adjust the minimum wage according to the location of the activity. In the shorter term, CITUB President, Plamen Dimitrov, is hoping for an annual increase in the minimum wage from 120 leva to 150 leva (EUR 60 to EUR 75), which more or less tallies with the promises of the centre-right GERB party that won the parliamentary election in March. GERB appears to be planning an alliance with the nationalist UP party, which is in favour of boosting the minimum wage. CITUB also wants to see a harmonised mechanism for calculating the minimum wage at European level, which explains his vigorous opposition to the proposals promoting a twin-speed Europe, which would exclude Bulgaria from the core of social Europe.

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