European Trade Union Institute, ETUI.



The ETUI has developed a series of electronic newsletters covering specific topics including collective bargaining, workers participation and health and safety at work.

You can subscribe to each of them below and have more information about their contents.


  • With this monthly newsletter, the ETUI will keep you informed about its recent and planned activities.
  • It is published every month and sent by email only.
  • To subscribe, send an email to Mariya Nikolova
  • Visit Etui.News web page


  • HESAmail will keep readers regularly updated on the activities of the Health and Safety Department within the ETUI. It reports on news and latest developments in the area of European and international occupational health and.
  • It is published every month and sent by email only.

Collective Bargaining newsletter

  • This newsletter presents up-to-date information on collective bargaining developments across Europe. It aims to facilitate information exchange between trade unions and to support the work of the ETUC’s collective bargaining committee.
  • Visit the web page of the Collective Bargaining newsletter