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Education Work Programme 2020-2021


To fully perform their representation role in an international environment and to ensure that these European information and consultation bodies fulfil their purpose, members of European works councils, SE representative bodies and Special Negotiating Bodies have a legal right to training. Over time, this has led to the emergence of a commercial market with many different players. It is important to also ensure a TU-inspired offering on this market. With its 25 years of experience in this field, the ETUI is uniquely placed to provide such a service. Indeed, it trains hundreds of EWC/SE WC/SNB members every year.

This wealth of experience enables us to organise our offering in a more structured way with "off the shelf" programmes, while still providing a made-to-measure approach to ensure we really meet the needs of our participants within the resources at their disposal.

The seminars are delivered by the ETUI’s in-house trainers and through the Network of European Works Council Trainers (the N.E.T. - a network of trainers coordinated by ETUI Education). They also draw on a wide range of ETUI in-house researchers and external experts.

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Overall: to improve coherence between workers’ representatives, enabling them to speak with one voice, to enforce their information and consultation rights, to strengthen their capacity for joint action and, finally, to influence decision-making in their companies;
Further objectives depend on the needs expressed by the EWC/SE WC/SNB.



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