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Education Work Programme 2020-2021


This course is designed to encourage women to step up to take leadership roles in their organisations and to further develop the skills and confidence of all women leaders. The course will enable networks to be developed and experiences to be shared and learnt from. An emphasis will be put on individual development.

General aim

To develop and encourage the next generation of women leaders by contributing to the advance of gender equality in a trade union context.

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  • To explore leadership styles;
  • To share the experience of those who have exercised leadership;
  • To develop confidence and fulfil potential;
  • To communicate in a more effective way;
  • To lead teams effectively and to integrate conflict resolution into ways of working;
  • To enhance negotiation skills;
  • To inspire the creation of networks for exchanging knowledge and experience;
  • To share trade union organisational cultures;
  • To experience coaching to support individual leadership development.




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