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Education Work Programme 2020-2021


Climate action is high on the political agenda of the new European Commission. However, climate action must pay more attention to workers and the difficulties caused or exacerbated by decarbonisation. The aim of this training session is to introduce participants to the debate on decarbonisation of the economy at European level, raising their awareness of the risks of decarbonisation in terms of income inequalities but also of the opportunities in terms of job creation. Energy production, transport and industry serve as paradigmatic sectors.

Decarbonisation has to be understood within the context of the key ETUI priority: the "Ecological Transition".

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  • To raise awareness of the impact of CO2 emissions on climate change;
  • To identify the risks of decarbonisation in terms of income inequalities at sectoral level;
  • To identify the opportunities of decarbonisation in terms of job creation at sectoral level.