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3 December 2019

EWC/SE WC training planning 2020-2024

As part of the ETUI Education effort to design a 4-year strategy, a similar planning was made for the training offer for European and SE Works Councils (EWC and SE WC). Building upon twenty years of experience, the service will develop along four main lines: company training, open seminars, online and expert support for diverse initiatives.

The company training will remain a made-to-measure offer, taking into consideration the available budget and time of the customers as well as their specific needs and expectations.  But it will also be presented in a more structured way, regrouping tried and tested materials and methodologies in “off the shelf” programmes, making our service even more transparent and easy to access.  Open seminars, offering training on specific topics for EWC/SE WC members from different companies and sectors, will be repeated regularly.  In the next four years at least two seminars will be organised on understanding financial information, Occupational Health and Safety, intercultural cooperation and Corporate Social Responsibility. More topics can be added upon request of the ETUC member organisations.  The highly successful online course “EWCs – Rules of the Game” will continue to be offered a few times each year and will also become available in French, German, Spanish and possibly more languages.  In addition to this tutor-led, very interactive course, shorter informative modules will be developed which participants can complete at their own pace.  Finally, expert support can always be provided for the organisation of conferences, training or workshops on EWC-related matters by local or European trade union (con)federations.

Another two new initiatives complete our offer.

Despite "Brexit" and regional populist tendencies to further weaken the European Union, several countries are still "knocking on the door", hoping to become a full-fledged Member State.  From an EWC and SE WC perspective, this means that worker representatives from those countries may very soon be invited to also join the European representation body in their group.  In order to prepare the local unions and worker representatives for this integration process, a training on the basics of EWC and SE WC will be organised for Serbian and North-Macedonian unions and worker representatives in 2020-2021 and for Albanian and Montenegrin colleagues in 2022-2023.

While we continue to work with a small network of specialised trainers for the delivery of company seminars, ETUI Education has the ambition to - even more than in the past – be the central hub for all EWC-training related matters.  As such, local union trainers working with EWC members, will have access to our database of materials, find trainer and expert contacts and will also be invited to a coordination meeting at least once every two years.  This should make it possible to discuss experiences, exchange materials and methodologies and might even include a “train the trainers” approach.

It is clear that training for EWCs and SE WCs remains a spearhead of the ETUI Education strategy, rooted in a solid basis of years of experience and ready to face new challenges.

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