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10 October 2014

TOT (International training of trainers) forum, November 2014

The Education Department, in cooperation with ACTRAV/ILO, will organise a pedagogical workshop on “Active learning methodologies”, which will be integrated in the international TOT (Training of trainers) Forum organised by ACTRAV. The workshop/forum will be held from 3 – 6 November 2014 in Turin, Italy.

This training of trainers is addressed to training managers and specialists, learning facilitators, trainers and educators who design, implement and assess training. This Forum is a continuation of the first pedagogical workshop we have organised in 19-23 of March 2013, where we’ve started to get more deeply into the educational approaches of active learning. Bearing in mind that we are mainly dealing with adult learning and training, it has become of vital importance to learn how to operationalise the different steps comprised in a learning management cycle. Therefore, some of the main topics addressed in this kind of training have to do with matching teaching and learning methods to active learning and recognizing the role of the tutor within these methodologies. It is vital that each trainer understands the importance of reflecting on their own planning and training practices, in order to attain set objectives.

During this four-day forum, our participants will acquire state-of-the-art practices in learning methodologies and technologies. Capacities will be strengthened in the instructional parameters: analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation of learning. Special emphasis will be put on design, participative implementation and the use of information and communication technology for learning.

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