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5 May 2014

The ETUI takes EWC training forward

ETUI Education, then still called ETUCO, was one of the pioneers in the field of organising training for European Works Councils. As soon as the directive was published in 1994, dedicated training materials were developed and company based seminars were organised. As the number of EWCs continued to increase, the need for training also kept growing, leading to the appointment of a full-time Education Officer for this particular target group in 2007. The recast directive in 2009 acknowledged the right to training for EWC members, but also for the worker representatives in Special Negotiating Bodies. Add to that the members of representative bodies in European Companies (SE) and you get a potential of more than 1.000 international works councils, with over 20.000 employee representatives from all corners of Europe who need specific training which is necessary for the exercise of their duties.

Further steps have been taken in 2012, with the creation of a network of trainers, and in 2013, with the publication of training pathways for EWCs. Since 2012 some “open” seminars for EWC members, bringing together representatives from different multinational companies, have been integrated on the regular work programme. The plans and challenges for 2014 are even more ambitious. A second full-time EWC Education Officer joined the team in February, which allows a better coordination with the European Trade Union Federations and to strengthen and deepen the contacts with the companies as well as the pedagogical supervision. The pathways will now be broken down into educational units, adding objectives, learning outcomes and appropriate training materials. While the ETUI already has an extensive back catalogue of presentations and activity sheets, there is a permanent need for refreshing the approach and adding new topics. This will also be done by the development of on line courses for EWC members.

The ETUI is ready to face these challenges, thus remaining the reference organisation for trade union inspired training for European-level worker representatives.

Bruno Demaître


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