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NEW DATE New beginnings? The European Pillar of Social Rights and the new Commission

16 Nov 2020, Room TBC, 1th floor, ITUH; 10h - 16h

ETUI conference

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ETUI/ETUC conference: Towards a new socio-ecological contract

24 Jun - 26 Jun 2020, Hotel Thon Europe, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

The need to effectively tackle global warming puts under pressure the existing industrial relations models in Europe. A new logic of sustainability needs to be incorporated into the social contracts in order to (re)build harmonious labour relations. A viable world of labour requires a new sustainability paradigm, which encompasses all three of its dimensions: economic, social and environmental.

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ETUI webinar: Working under pressure. Employment, job quality and labour relations in Europe’s public sector since the crisis

3 Apr 2020, 13h - 14h30

For many years, and especially with the emergence of the financial crisis, in most European countries, the public sector has been under pressure to reduce expenditure and increase efficiency. This has had profound effects on the number and quality of jobs in this sector. The consequences of these austerity policies have become painfully apparent in the current COVID health crisis. That is why we have chosen as topic for this first ETUI Webinar to talk about the findings and conclusions of the recently published ETUI book Working under pressure edited by Maarten Keune, Nuria Elena Ramos Martín and Mikkel Mailand.

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Social policy in the European Union 1999-2019: the long and winding road

12 Mar 2020, ITUH, Bd du Roi Albert II, 5; 1210 Brussels, Auditorium, 1st floor; 9h - 16h30

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Gender, musculoskeletal disorders and non-standard jobs

10 Mar 2020, ETUI meeting room

This seminar is organised by the ‘Health, safety and working conditions’ unit of the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) and the ‘Genre Activité Santé’ (GAS) group of the International Ergonomics Association (IAE).

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Posting of workers: Where are we now and where are we heading?

5 Mar 2020, KU Leuven, College De Valk, Tiensestraat 41, Leuven; 9:00 – 17:00

One-day seminar, organised by the Institute for European Law (KU Leuven) together with the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI)

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Monthly Forum: What do we know about digital work? Discussing the results of ETUI Internet and Platform Work Survey

18 Feb 2020, ITUH, Bd du Roi Albert II, 5; 1210 Brussels, ETUI meeting room, 7th floor; 12h30-14h

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Launch event of HesaMag#20: Migrant workers in Fortress Europe

27 Jan 2020, Mundo B, Rue d'Edimbourg 26, 1050 Brussels; 18h-20h

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The Lucas Plan: democratising technology to protect the environment

24 Jan 2020, ITUH, Bd du Roi Albert II, 5; 1210 Brussels, ETUI meeting room, 7th floor; 12h30-14h

ETUI Lunch debate and film screening

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