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Book Launch - Understanding Financial System Reform - What Next?

28 Apr 2010, Brussels

A book launch is organized by the Bertelsmann-Stiftung, the European Trade Union Institute, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Brussels and Re-Define.

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Two-man exhibition about South America

25 Feb - 31 Mar 2010, Brussels

The European Trade Union Institute is holding a two-man exhibition about South America, featuring paintings and sculptures by Souto and photographs by Luca Bonacini.
The exhibition will be open to the public between 10:00 and 16:00 every weekday from 25 February
to 31 March 2010.
Admission free

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Tax Coordination in Europe

24 Feb 2010, Brussels

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International Symposium Trade unions between precarity and casino capitalism

5 Feb - 6 Feb 2010, Hamburg

The Hans Böckler Foundation, together with the University of Hamburg and the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI), is organising an international 2-day academic and political symposium in Hamburg focussing on the two core challenges for trade unions – individualisation/the crisis of the standard employment relationship and the global/financial market crisis.

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Conference: 'After the crisis - towards a sustainable growth model'

13 Jan 2010, Brussels

As the first decade of the 21st century comes to its term, most countries in Europe and the world still find themselves in the midst of the severest financial and economic crisis in 80 years. Prior to its collapse in 2008, the prevailing concept of laissez-faire financial capitalism implied that profits, in particular in the financial sector, could grow at double-digit rates while overall economic growth remained in the low single digit range. This led to a general shift in income distribution at the expense of employees and low-income groups, i.e. a shift of national income from labour to capital and/or within wage income to the wealthy. Beyond this there has been increased downward pressure on the terms of conditions of those at the bottom of the labour market.

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Participation by workers and workers’ reps: key to successful risk assessment

26 Jan - 27 Jan 2009, Brussels

ETUC conference in co-operation with the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI)

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