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22 November 2018, ITUH, Bd du Roi Albert II, 5; 1210 Brussels, ETUI meeting room 7th floor

Boosting unions’ participation to guarantee quality transitions and employment to young people in Europe

Speakers: Audronė Sadauskaitė, Visionary Analytics
Comments: Brando Benifei, MEP, S&D Group, Thiébaut Weber, ETUC Confederal Secretaryand Viktória Nagy, President of the ETUC - Youth Committee

Moderator: Maria Jepsen, Director of the ETUI Research department

Briefing: This lunch event will present the results of the project "Boosting unions’ participation to guarantee quality transitions and employment to young people in Europe" of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and its Youth Committee, with a strong partnership of the European trade union federations in its Steering Committee. The project seeks to provide a trade union input to the implementation of European youth employment policies and to empower young people in the trade unions to make them more active in the industrial relations system, in particular via their youth structures.

The establishment of the Youth Guarantee in Europe was advocated by the ETUC as early as 2009 and the demand for quality offers for young workers has been reiterated by the ETUC Youth throughout its development to this day. Since the launch of this policy, the ETUC has been supporting its deployment into concrete schemes at national level and it has been monitoring its quality and the involvement of trade unions in its design, implementation and evaluation. The partnership approach is a core element of the Youth Guarantee scheme that needs to be developed at the national, regional and local levels. The involvement of social partners in the design and implementation of ALMPs generally improves their effectiveness and quality.

During this seminar, a research undertaken by the consultancy company "Visionary Analytics" will be presented, which assesses the above-mentioned trade union involvement in the implementation of European youth employment measures at national level, focusing on youth employment policies in the framework of the European Semester, the Youth Guarantee, the European Alliance for Apprenticeships, and the Quality Framework for Traineeships. This study includes some innovative elements as it comprises a set of best practices of trade union involvement in any of these schemes and a toolbox which aim at improving the performance of the ETUC affiliates in shaping-up EU policies for getting young people into quality employment.

A light lunch will be served in the room from 12h.

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