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15 June - 20 July 2017, ETUI Documentation Centre, 4th floor / ITUH, 1st floor (Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 5 – 1210 Brussels)

‘Bread & Roses’ - Prolongation of the exhibition

bread and roses posters

The European Trade Union Institute and Meta-Morphosis Editions are pleased to invite you to their exhibition of a selection of imaginary future trade union posters from the years 2036/2037. The artworks, all by Belgian artists, are from the new book 'Bread & Roses' which will be launched the same day.




On New Year’s Day 1912, textile workers in Lawrence, Massachusetts went on strike. A few days earlier a new law had been voted in, reducing the working week from 56 to 54 hours for women and minors under 18 years old, but leading to accompanying pay cuts.

The action became known as the ‘Bread and Roses’ strike – bread symbolising the labour law, and roses the request for better living conditions.


With this new publication, Meta-Morphosis Editions continue their thematic focus on Belgium’s industrial and social heritage. Bread & Roses narrates the history of the art of the Belgian trade union movement in a richly illustrated book, which is divided in two parts:

-        The history of the art of social struggle and trade unions in Belgium, from the creation of the POB (the Belgian workers’ party) up to the present day, with commentary by art historians, political scientists and Belgian and international personalities.

-        What will trade union posters look like in the future, specifically the years 2036/2037? 40 Belgian and international artists have been given carte blanche to create their own vision.


The exhibition will be open to the public between 10am and 4pm every weekday from 15 June to 20 July 2017.



We are grateful for the support of the ITUH.

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