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23 April 2013, Hotel Crowne Plaza - Le Palace (Rue Gineste 3, 1210 BXL), Room Vision (8th floor), 14h00-17h30

Diverging Europe : same diagnosis, different remedies?

Joint conference of the ETUI and DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion of the European Commission

Both the EU Commission’s recent report on Employment and Social Developments in Europe and the ETUC/ETUI new Benchmarking Europe 2013 recognise growing divergence and polarization in the areas of social protection, employment, poverty, wages and social exclusion. But is the analysis of the roots of this social crisis the same and how do the proposed solutions differ?

The authors of the two publications will present their analysis and debate with discussants and the audience at this event organized jointly by the ETUI and DG Employment.

Interpretation EN/FR available.

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